Sunday 29 July 2018

Album Review: VIXEN - Live Fire

Vixen - Live Fire

01. Rev It up
02. How Much Love
03. One Night Alone
04. Cryin
05. Meet the Band
06. Rock Me
07. Streets in Paradise
08. I Don't Need No Doctor
09. Love Is a Killer
10. Love Made Me
11. Big Brother
12. Edge of a Broken Heart
13. You Ought to Know by Now (Studio Version)
14. Edge of a Broken Heart (Acoustic Studio Version)

Live Fire is a live album recorded in 2017 by probably the most legendary all-women Hard Rock bands of all time (yes, better than The Runaways - hate mail to the usual address please). I love the first two Vixen albums and I think they're both masterclasses in their genre, so to hear that Vixen can still smash these songs out of the ball park all these years later was music to my ears.

The album sounds fantastic. I know that the majority of live albums out there were mostly recorded in the studio, even though the artists will swear blind otherwise, but I really don't know about this one. To be honest, I don't care. If you want to be guaranteed authenticity, get a bootleg from the mixing desk or watch footage on YouTube filmed by some twat who's held his mobile above his head at the concert all night. All I'm really bothered about is that the album sounds awesome, and this really does!

All of the hits Vixen are known for are here. Edge of a Broken Heart, Rev It Up, How Much Love, Streets in Paradise, what's not to love in this set-list? There's even a live version of Big Brother, which is a song they've never released before, as well as a couple of studio bonus tracks.

The whole band is on top form and Janet Gardner's vocals are still really strong. This live album is a reminder that not only do they have an array of massive tunes in their repertoire, but musically, Vixen is still a force to be reckoned with.

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