Cult of Dan Peach is a blog about Rock/Metal/Goth/Punk/Alternative music, Horror movies, Comics, and generally anything else that interests me. I do this for fun and, in a way, it's like a diary of things I've checked out, that I'm sharing with the world.

I'm a musician, DJ and promoter. I am best known for playing guitar in Gothic Punk/Hard Rock band 'Lesbian Bed Death' and Rap-Metal/Hardcore band 'Razorwire'. I run a small independent record label called Psychophonic, which has released albums worldwide for a number of bands over the years as well as my own. I've been a live music promoter since I was a teenager and have worked with hundreds of artists, predominantly in the Rock and Metal scene. I am also an active Rock/Metal/Alternative DJ in the Stoke-on-Trent area. Aside from music, I love Horror movies, comics and wrestling my dogs.

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