Monday, 10 December 2018


After checking out their latest album (read my review here), I was gutted that I missed Sick N' Beautiful on their UK tour earlier this year. Fortunately, they announced three more shows for later in the year, so I trecked up to Bradford to check them out.

First up were the Manchester based Fear Me December. The last time I saw them was at the Girls Rock! Festival back in April (read my review here). I was impressed at how much they'd improved, and tonight, they were better still. This time, they had Freddy, from Novacrow standing in on bass, and they sounded great as a five-piece. Gigging regularly has clearly paid dividends for them, as their performance was super-slick, and tonight they were clearly on top of their game.

Fear Me December
Fear Me December - Photo by Richard Lindley

I've seen Novacrow several times over the last couple of years, and they never fail to put on a great show. Their relentless gigging schedule has chiselled them into a absolute machine of a band, effortlessly winning over every crowd, and this evening was no exception. Tonight, they played a good mix of songs from their debut and also from their recently released sophomore EP Criminal Mastermind (read my review here). It was obvious that the majority of people in attendance were already familiar with Novacrow, and they went down a storm as expected. 

Novacrow at Trash, Bradford 2018
Novacrow - Photo by Richard Lindley
Novacrow at Trash, Bradford 2018
Novacrow - Photo by Richard Lindley

Italy's Sick N' Beautiful are an awesome live band. I love their alien imagery and their larger-than-life stage show. Being a massive fan of Kiss, Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie, this kind of Rock show really appeals to me, and it's infinitely more interesting and fun than watching a bunch of musicians in jeans and T-Shirts.

The band tore through all of the fan-favourites including Fire True, Megalomanical, Hellawake, and the 'incendiary' New Witch 666. During the latter, lead singer Herma brings out what looks like a flaming Necronomicon, which I thought was particularly awesome. Visually, Sick N' Beautiful are fantastic, but most importantly, they have some great songs to back them up. Their music is easily accessible, so members of the audience won't have to have listened to their records to be instantly absorbed by the songs and immersed into their alien world.

Sick N' Beautiful ooze charisma, have some killer songs, and are thoroughly entertaining. What more could anyone ask for?

Sick N' Beautiful at Trash, Bradford 2018
Sick N' Beautiful - Photo by Richard Lindley

Sick N' Beautiful at Trash, Bradford 2018
Sick N' Beautiful - Photo by Richard Lindley
Sick N' Beautiful at Trash, Bradford 2018
Sick N' Beautiful - Photo by Richard Lindley
Sick N' Beautiful at Trash, Bradford 2018
Sick N' Beautiful - Photo by Richard Lindley
Sick N' Beautiful at Trash, Bradford 2018
Sick N' Beautiful - Photo by Richard Lindley


Sunday, 9 December 2018

About: LESBIAN BED DEATH - The Devil's Bounty Hunters

I'm not really one for nostalgia, as I think indulging in it too much can distract from building new memories and moving forward. However, now and again, it's pleasant to reminisce a little.

I've decided to write an article about the fourth Lesbian Bed Death studio album, The Devil's Bounty Hunters. Out of all our records, this one sold the least, and received very little press. Personally, I feel that this album was pretty damn good, and features some of the best Lesbian Bed Death songs we've ever written. There are lots of reasons why it was commercially doomed from the start, but also plenty of reasons to celebrate this album too. As I'm celebrating its fifth birthday, I thought it was an ideal time to share a few thoughts and memories with you all.

The Devil's Bounty Hunters was released to fans who supported the crowd funding campaign via PledgeMusic on 9th December 2013, and was then officially released to the rest of the world on 25th February 2014. 

I often get asked about crowd funding campaigns, as they've grown significantly in popularity over the last few years. We were early adopters of this novel way to finance a record without a record label, and to engage with fans directly. It's basically a pre-order system, but with lots of extra perks that are exclusive to fans who take part. These fans are known as 'Pledgers' or 'Backers'. We had fun updating our pledgers from the studio in real time, sharing photos and videos of our progress, as well as chatting via the site and getting plenty of valuable feedback from the people who care about us the most.

The thing with crowd funding campaigns is that, generally, a band only gets the money if they hit their goal of 100%. For a band to be successful, you need to set 100% at an amount that you think you may actually raise, as opposed to what you probably need. The truth is that, although we raised an impressive amount of cash, we fell short of what we needed. I spent all of my savings and maxed out my credit cards to finish it off, and pay for a small amount of advertising. In hindsight, I was naive and perhaps a bit of a fool, given my circumstances, but I had to see this record through, and keep everything to the highest standards that we could.

After the previous album, Riot of the Living Dead, the band was in an awkward position. Our bassist and drummer had quit, and we weren't getting any further in the live field. I decided that our best move was to make a new album, and we should write it and record it as a three-piece. Our lead guitarist, Chuckmaster C, is also an amazing drummer and bass player, so that side of things was covered. The only snag was that his day job was teaching in a school, so we had to get the album written and recorded in his Summer holidays, before the start of his term. The studio I wanted us to use was too far away to commute, so it put a time pressure on us.

The positive is that we worked well under the pressure, and there is a chance that some of these tracks wouldn't have turned out as good as they did if there had been extra time to mess with them too much and over-think things. Who knows? I can't complain. The Devil's Bounty Hunters is a beast, and I'm still very proud to have been a part of it.

The whole album was recorded and mixed in just ten days at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire. To be fair, some of those days were very very long. It was produced and engineered by Ewan Davies and Fran Wheeldon, who were both amazing to work with and did a fantastic job. We lived in the studio during the recording sessions, so we were completely immersed.

Chapel Studios is a wonderful studio to record in. Being a converted chapel, the live room has some killer acoustics, and the drum sound we got was absolutely perfect. Prior to coming to Chapel, we were used to sleeping on floors and generally 'roughing it'. Here we had our own bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room with TV and wi-fi, so the experience of making music was a far more civilized one. There's a lot to be said for not sleeping in a van!

The studio has been used by many famous artists including Artic Monkeys, Paradise Lost, Enter Shikari, Uriah Heep, Carcass, and The Darkness. I even heard a rumour that Machine Head recorded their first live album there! Knowing all of this made the fact that we were there even cooler. At one point, legendary producer Simon Efemey popped in to pick up some hard drives. I did my best to conceal my fan-boy moment, as Simon has produced some of my favourite artists including The Wildhearts and Paradise Lost.

Ewan Davies
Chuckmaster C and Fran Wheeldon

Me and Kittie (no idea what I'm doing here!)

The recording wasn't all roses though. At one point, I had a phone call from home. My dog Henry collapsed and died the following morning. He had lung cancer and we had no idea. His symptoms didn't show until the day before his death. I was absolutely heartbroken. I was several hours from home and there was nothing I could do. As awful as it sounds, I'd just spent every last penny I had on the recording studio, so I took a few hours to compose myself, then pressed on with the album. 

Aside from that, we had a lot of fun making The Devil's Bounty Hunters. Most of it was written in advance, but Kittie and I worked on some of the lyrics while Chuckmaster C was tracking his parts. We were all working in some way on the record from when we woke up until when we couldn't stay awake any longer. The exception was when we were stuffing our faces with food. Studio calories don't count. Ask any musician.

After the recording session, we booked in at a local recording studio called Summerbank Studios to record some acoustic bonus tracks. Chuckmaster C really wanted to do an acoustic version of Seven Days, and Kittie wanted to do Bela Lugosi's Back, as it was always one of her favourites to sing live. I chose Everybody's Dead because I thought an acoustic version of a song like that would be utterly ridiculous and great fun to do. It ended up sounding like the soundtrack to the end of the world, viewed by someone on a beach drinking Tequila. The acoustic tracks all turned out really well, and tied in with the overall theme of the album. Incidentally, the engineer at Summerbank, Paul Hume, plays guitar in the classic NWOBHM band Demon.

When all of the tracks were mixed, I sent the album off to be mastered by the legendary Denis Blackham at Skye MasteringDenis has mastered records for countless artists including Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Damned.

Our friend Iris Compiet did the cover art. She had previously done the covers for the singles Soul Sucker and Halloween from Riot of the Living Dead, so she was the obvious choice. I'd met Iris a few years prior when my previous band played some shows in The Netherlands. Having an artist as talented as Iris working with us is something that I'm truly grateful for, and I'm stoked that she's gone on to do so well in the industry. For this album cover, I wanted it to look Goth, yet have a futuristic Wild West vibe. I was thinking about Mean Machine and The Angel Gang from the Judge Dredd comics (well, 2000AD), and also Vertigo's Preacher comics too. As always, Iris delivered something awesome.

Due to having very little money left, and not having a touring line-up ready, we weren't able to promote The Devil's Bounty Hunters as well as it should have been. It was also almost a year after the album's completion when we had enough budget to record any music videos, so it lost momentum. Lesbian Bed Death always had a strong following on YouTube, so not having a video out around the time of release clearly had an effect on both sales and interest from press. By the time the band had got back onto its feet, a lot had changed. After a fantastic show at Whitby Goth Weekend on 1st November 2014, this version of the band fell apart. But that's another story. 

Here are a few words about each of the tracks on The Devil's Bounty Hunters:

1. Dark Passenger
This was the heaviest and most 'Metal' song the band had ever done. It was built up from two unfinished songs Chuckmaster C had written for our previous band, and I managed to convince him that we could splice the two together and it'd work. Around this time, Kittie and I were obsessed with the TV show Dexter, and we knew we had to write some lyrics about it. It all fitted together very nicely, and Dark Passenger remains as one of my favourite Lesbian Bed Death songs, despite being quite different from all of our other material.

2. Drained By Love
This is also one of my favourites. Kittie's vocals in the chorus add some real catchy Pop magic. The lyrics were inspired by The Vampire Diaries, which was one of our guilty TV pleasures, although it was written so it could be about any old vampire shit really. 

3. Ghost In The Mirror
It was time to bring back some serious Goth. It's impossible to listen to this song without putting on eyeliner and drinking red wine. Chuckmaster C wrote the guitar riffs during a thunder storm, adding to the overall 'Gothness'.

4. Death By Stereo
Being a huge Lost Boys fan, I really wanted a song called Death By Stereo. The intro was recorded using a real Hammond organ, making it extra cool. When we go 'full-on Gothic Punk' we do it like bosses, and this song is certainly one of the album's highlights.

5. Skin Crawler
Another heavy song. This one is about obsession and stalkers.

6. Damage The Sound
This is a stripped-down ballad. It's just one vocal and one guitar. The lyrics are very abstract and are open to interpretation.

7. Lonely Assassins
I wrote the lyrics about The Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, and was particularly inspired by the episode 'Blink'. It's one of the greatest episodes of Doctor Who ever, and definitely touches on the Horror genre. However, Kittie and Chuckmaster C both fucking hate Doctor Who, so I threw my toys out of my pram continually until they agreed to do it. As well as being quite Goth, the song also has a nice psychedelic twist. It's very different from anything we'd done before.

8. Never Get Enough
Sometimes you just have to go 'full-on Hard Rock'. This song is us doing just that. It's also worth noting that every great Classic Rock band has at least one song in their repertoire that strippers will pole-dance to for those dirty dollars. This will probably be ours.

9. Broken
A sorrowful power-ballad. This was the last song to be written for the record, and it turned out to be one of the best.

10. The Day Becomes The Night
An empowering rocker about starting over. The outro ended up sounding like Tina Turner jamming with Pantera!

So, there you go! That's the story of The Devil's Bounty Hunters. If you'd like a copy, they're available direct from our shop. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed being part of the team who made it.


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

TV Series Review: THE PURGE (Season 1)

The Purge TV Series 2018

As anyone who follows my blog will know, I'm a huge fan of The Purge franchise. When I heard that a Purge TV series was being made, I was really excited because I knew that the concept would lend itself well to that form of media. I was also impressed at how quickly it came out. The last movie, The First Purge (read my review here) was only released a couple of months before the TV series aired, capitalising nicely on the Purge fever that had been recently generated.

The Purge TV series concentrates on a number of different characters and their plans for the night's festivities. It's effectively a number of short stories that entwine together towards the end of the season. The main characters are all well developed, with plenty of back-stories to show the viewer why they're doing what they're doing, or why they're being targeted.


I thought the season was a massive success. It sits perfectly alongside the movies, and develops the Purge Universe in novel ways, exploring more depraved manners in which people choose to celebrate and 'purge'. I liked the 'Gauntlet' live TV show, which was like a cheap and nasty take on The Running Man. I also really enjoyed The Carnival of Flesh, where wealthy people bought victims at auction and could execute them in fantasy ways, mostly based on the horrors of human history such as medieval torture, firing squad, and a plethora of other screwed up methods. The fact that people really did these things to each other was a stark reminder that, although The Purge is fantasy, there is a genuine possibility that something like it could actually happen.

I was impressed by how the show touched on other relevant topics such as domestic violence and rape culture. The movies concentrated more on issues like racism and poverty, but the TV show delved into some very dark territories that must have been even closer to home for many viewers, particularly as they don't all involve murder. For example, we see men using The Purge as a time to beat and abuse their wives. As a direct result, we are introduced to the badass Matron Saints who drive around on Purge Night answering distress calls from women under attack. It's a disturbing reminder of how things might actually be if such a situation was real. There is also a cult whose members offer themselves as sacrifices, as they believe they are helping people to release their pain and anger. This kind of social commentary from the writers is uncomfortably relevant, and their 'finger on the pulse' delivery of these dystopian nightmare scenarios makes for the ideal Horror series of 2018.

The Purge is extremely addictive. It's fast paced and loaded with cliff hangers, making it one of those shows that you feel compelled to binge-watch. Admittedly, there are some annoying characters such as Penny, who seems to be regularly kidnapped, trapped, or finds herself in some kind of peril every five seconds. I lost count of the times her brother had to rescue her. Her brother's character borderlined on being an over-the-top 80's action hero in the vein of Rambo and Snake Plissken. He even gets shot in the arm with a crossbow bolt, but soon carries on like nothing's happened, fighting bad guys with both arms, driving cars, firing guns etc. It's all great entertainment! In fairness, there are some fantastic characters and scenarios brought in throughout the show making it absolutely essential viewing for fans of the movies.

What's also really cool is that this could technically go on forever. Each season could have a completely different set of characters with their own circumstances and intentions on Purge Night. If Blumhouse can keep the quality consistent, there's still a lot of miles in this bona fide classic, and I'm very much looking forward to the next instalment.


Monday, 3 December 2018

Album Review: STEPHEN PEARCY - View To A Thrill

Stephen Pearcy - View To A Thrill

01. U Only Live Twice
02. Sky Falling
03. Malibu
04. One In A Million
05. Double Shot
06. Secrets To Tell
07. Not Killin’ Me
08. Dangerous Thing
09. I'm A Ratt
10. From The Inside
11. Violator

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Album Review: RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR - The Legacy Of Shi

Rise Of The Northstar - The Legacy Of Shi

01. The Awakening
02. Here Comes The Boom
03. Nekketsu
04. Kozo
05. Teenage Rage
06. Step By Step
07. This Is Crossover
08. Cold Truth
09. All For One
10. Furyo's Day
11. The Legacy Of Shi


Thursday, 29 November 2018

Album Review: HELALYN FLOWERS - Nyctophilia

Helalyn Flowers - Nyctophilia

01. Tetrachromatic
02. Unleash The Wolves
03. Kamikaze Angel
04. Let Me In
05. Breathless
06. Run Away (With My Demons)
07. Beyond
08.When It Is Not Black Enough
09. Nyctophilia
10. Morphine


Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Album Review: SOULFLY - Ritual

Soulfly - Ritual

01. Ritual
02. Dead Behind the Eyes
03. The Summoning
04. Evil Empowered
05. Under Rapture
06. Demonized
07. Blood on the Street
08. Bite the Bullet
09. Feedback!
10. Soulfly XI


Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Album Review: PULVERISE - Chaos Games

Pulverise - Chaos Games

01. Fooled You
02. Slam Time
03. Bolitics
04. Sulk
05. Breaking Point
06. Kittens and Unicorns
07. Filth
08. Do or Die

Friday, 23 November 2018

Album Review: AMARANTHE - Helix

Amaranthe - Helix

01. The Score
02. 365
03. Inferno
04. Countdown
05. Helix
06. Dream
07. GG6
08. Breakthrough Starshot
09. My Haven
10. Iconic
11. Unified
12. Momentum

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Album Review: CANCER - Shadow Gripped

01. Down The Steps
02. Garrotte
03. Ballcutter (feat. Anders Nystrom)
04. Organ Snatcher
05. The Infocidal
06. Half Man Half Beast
07. Crimes So Vile
08. Thou Shalt Kill
09. Shadow Gripped
10. Disposer

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Album Review: HANK VON HELL - Egomania

Hank Von Hell - Egomania

01. Egomania
02. Pretty Decent Exposure
03. Blood
04. Dirty Money
05. Bum To Bum
06. Never Again
07. Bombwalk Chic
08. Wild Boy Blues
09. Too High
10. Adios (Where's My Sombrero?)

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Album Review: SALIVA - 10 Lives

Saliva - 10 Lives

01. Domination
02. Only the Strong Survive
03. Some Shit About Love
04. Close to the Ledge
05. One More Night
06. Helpless
07. Epidemic
08. Gone Away
09. The Warning
10. The Snake
11. Make You Famous
12. Pissed
13. When I'm Gone
14. Some Thing About Love


Friday, 9 November 2018

Album Review: HARDCORE SUPERSTAR - You Can't Kill My Rock 'N Roll

Hardcore Superstar - You Can't Kill My Rock 'N Roll

01. AD/HD
02. Electric Rider
03. My Sanctuary
04. Hit Me Where It Hurts
05. You Can't Kill My Rock 'N Roll
06. The Others
07. Have Mercy On Me
08. Never Cared For Snobbery
09. Baboon
10. Bring The House Down
11. Medicine Man
12. Goodbye
13. Useless Information


Thursday, 8 November 2018

Album Review: AMORPHIS - Queen of Time

Amorphis - Queen of Time

01. The Bee
02. Message In The Amber
03. Daughter Of Hate
04. The Golden Elk
05. Wrong Direction
06. Heart Of The Giant
07. We Accursed
08. Grain Of Sand
09. Amongst Stars
10. Pyres On The Coast
11. As Mountains Crumble (Bonus Track)
12. Brother And Sister (Bonus Track)


Wednesday, 7 November 2018



01. The Call Of The Wild
02. Serve You Right
03. My Antidote
04. Mind Your Manners
05. Lost Inside The Girl
06. Read Between The Lines
07. Slow Grind
08. The One You Loved Is Gone
09. Driving Rain
10. Sugar Cane
11. The Great Pretender
12. Boulevard Of Broken Hearts


Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Album Review: BLOODBATH - The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn

Bloodbath - The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn

01. Fleischmann
02. Bloodicide
03. Wayward Samaritan
04. Levitator
05. Deader
06. March Of The Crucifiers
07. Morbid Antichrist
08. Warhead Ritual
09. Only The Dead Survive
10. Chainsaw Lullaby

Monday, 5 November 2018

Album Review: THE CRUEL INTENTIONS - No Sign Of Relief

The Cruel Intentions - No Sign Of Relief

01. Jawbreaker
02. Reckoning
03. Genie’s Got A Problem
04. Weekend Suffering
05. Borderline Crazy
06. Check Your Head
07. Sick Adrenaline
08. Everybody Riot
09. Go Fuck Yourself
10. Chaos In A Bombshell
11. Devilicious


Sunday, 4 November 2018

Gig Review: CHASING DRAGONS + WARD XVI at Satan's Hollow, Manchester (UK) 02/11/2018

Chasing Dragons Satan's Hollow, Manchester 2018

Chasing Dragons is one of the best bands on the underground Rock / Metal scene right now, so I decided to travel up to Manchester to catch the first night of their UK tour supporting their debut album, 'Faction'. Satan's Hollow is a cool little venue with a 'Devils n' Dungeons' decor. It's also quite unusual in the respect that the stage is in the middle of the room, so the bands are playing 'in the round'. Shows like this never work out that way at Satan's Hollow though, as most of the crowd stand at one side anyway. Still, it's kinda fun.

With doors at a crazy-early 6pm, I wasn't able to get to tonight's show in time to watch the first two bands. However, I did catch main support Ward XVI.

Ward XVI is a band I've been wanting to see live for a while now. They put on a fun Horror stage show, complete with a corpse, a chainsaw, and plenty of fake blood. As a fan of Alice Cooper and Lizzy Borden, I have to give props to Ward XVI for the effort that they put into what they do. Musically, they're a Metal band with an array of influences and plenty of heavy riffs entwined with melodic lead work. Tonight, they seemed to have a few technical issues, but that didn't stop them from delivering a 'killer' set.

If only the lead singer had used that chainsaw on the sound guy who played the crappest Hip-Hop imaginable over the PA between bands!

Please forgive the shitty quality of the photos, as I took them with my phone.

Ward XVI
Ward XVI

Ward XVI
Ward XVI

After being seriously impressed with their debut album (read my review here), I've been looking forward to seeing Chasing Dragons again. It's been nearly two years since I last saw them, so this gig was way overdue.

Tonight, they were nothing short of excellent. Lead singer Tank was particularly on point, absolutely nailing every note with power and conviction. They played a 45-minute set packed with tracks from the new record, including fan favourites Bare Knuckle Lover, Like Gravity, and set closer Devil In Her Eyes.

Chasing Dragons are not only a great band, but they tick all of the boxes that I would have thought would attract a decent sized label. They have the songs, the top-notch album production, the work ethic, the image, the ability to kick ass live, and they're also the right age. Why they haven't had their big break yet is anybody's guess. Regardless, tonight was clearly a success, and a great start to their UK tour.

Chasing Dragons
Chasing Dragons

Chasing Dragons
Chasing Dragons

Chasing Dragons
Chasing Dragons


Friday, 2 November 2018

Album Review: GRETA VAN FLEET - Anthem Of The Peaceful Army

Greta Van Fleet - Anthem Of The Peaceful Army

01. Age of Man
02. The Cold Wind
03. When the Curtain Falls
04. Watching Over
05. Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)
06. You're the One
07. The New Day
08. Mountain of the Sun
09. Brave New World
10. Anthem
11. Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Album Review: BONFIRE - Legends

Bonfire - Legends

01. Africa (Toto cover)
02. Hold the Line (Toto cover)
03. Rosanna (Toto cover)
04. Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover)
05. I Surrender (Rainbow cover)
06. Stone Cold (Rainbow cover)
07. Death Alley Driver (Rainbow cover)
08. Black Masquerade (Rainbow cover)
09. Burning Heart (Survivor cover)
10. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor cover)
11. Caught in the Game (Survivor cover)
12. Doctor Doctor (UFO cover)
13. Lights Out (UFO cover)
14. Rock Bottom (UFO cover)
15. Child in Time (Deep Purple cover)
16. Jet City Woman (Queensryche cover)
17. Silent Lucidity (Queensryche cover)
18. Eyes of a Stranger (Queensryche cover)
19. Tears in the Rain (Robin Beck cover)
20. The First Time (Robin Beck cover)
21. Save up All Your Tears (Robin Beck cover)
22. Hot Cherie (Hardline cover)
23. DR. Love (Hardline cover)
24. Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley cover)
25. Rebellion (Grave Digger cover)
26. Heavy Metal Breakdown (Grave Digger cover)
27. Love Don't Lie (House Of Lords cover)
28. I Wanna Be Loved (House Of Lords cover)
29. King of Dreams (Deep Purple cover)
30. Frei wie die Geier (Puhdys cover)
31. Erinnerung (Puhdys cover)
32. Alt wie ein Baum (Puhdys cover)


Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Movie Review: THE FIRST PURGE (2018)

The First Purge

I'm a huge fan of The Purge franchise (Check out my review of the previous movie here), so I've been excited to finally check out this fourth installment. Unfortunately, I missed it at the cinema, but now it's available on DVD/Blu Ray. 


Sunday, 28 October 2018

Album Review: NAZARETH - Tattooed On My Brain

Nazareth - Tattooed On My Brain

01. Never Dance With The Devil
02. Tattooed On My Brain
03. State Of Emergency
04. Rubik's Romance
05. Pole To Pole
06. Push
07. The Secret Is Out
08. Don't Throw Your Love Away
09. Crazy Molly
10. Silent Symphony
11. What Goes Around

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Album Review: CROSSFAITH - Ex_Machina

Crossfaith - Ex_Machina

01. Deus Ex Machina
02. Catastrophe
03. The Perfect Nightmare
04. Destroy (ft. Ho99o9)
05. Freedom (ft. Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari)
06. Make A Move
07. Lost In You
08. Wipeout
09. Milestone
10. Eden In The Rain
11. Twin Shadows
12. Daybreak
13. Faint (ft. Masato from Coldrain)


Album Review: MUSTA PARAATI - Black Parade

Musta Paraati - Black Parade

01. Animosity
02. Nacht Der Untoten
03. The Leader
04. Aujourd'hui
05. Chopsticks
06. The Race Is On
07. Radio
08. Digital Twin
09. Reaper
10. Today
11. If I Die Tomorrow


Thursday, 25 October 2018

Album Review: IMPELLITTERI - The Nature Of The Beast

Impellitteri - The Nature of the Beast

01. Hypocrisy
02. Masquerade
03. Run For Your Life
04. Phantom Of The Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber cover)
05. Gates Of Hell
06. Wonder World
07. Man Of War
08. Symptom Of The Universe (Black Sabbath cover)
09. Do You Think I'm Mad
10. Fire It Up
11. Kill The Beast
12. Shine On

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Movie Review: HALLOWEEN (2018)

Halloween 2018

I believe that the biggest problem the Halloween franchise has had is that the original is not just a highly revered classic, but has been put on a pedestal by fans and critics alike. John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween is one of the few movies in the Horror genre which has the respect of the mainstream, along with The Exorcist, The Shining and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. For this reason, any sequel would always get a hard time, regardless of how good or bad it actually was. I've learned to ignore critics when it comes to Halloween movies, especially after reading so many scathing reviews of Rob Zombie's Halloween remake a few years ago. Personally, I thought it was really good.
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