Tuesday 20 November 2018

EP Review: TOMORROW IS LOST - The Shadowman EP

Tomorrow Is Lost - The Shadowman EP

01. We Are The Lost
02. Insane
03. Rapture
04. No One Knows
05. Shadowman

Tomorrow Is Lost is a relatively new band, playing their first gig only eighteen months ago, and they've finally unleashed this, their debut EP on the world. Musically, they sound to my ears like traditional Hard Rock with a contemporary twist.

Opener We Are The Lost is my favourite track on this EP. It's a powerful, dramatic beast that reminds me of bands like Skarlett Riot and Chasing Dragons.

Insane has an atmospheric verse, not massively dissimilar to the Cranberries' classic Zombie, before building up into a huge, soaring chorus. Rapture and No One Knows are also catchy, powerful rockers, the latter featuring a nice dark n' dirty Sabbath-esqe riff that gives the EP a welcome touch of Metal grit. The EP ends with Shadowman which is an epic power-ballad, which brings to mind early Creed.

The Shadowman EP is a solid introduction to the world of Tomorrow Is Lost, and could quite easily lead to much bigger things in the future.


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