Thursday 20 December 2018

Album Review: ALICE IN CHAINS - Rainier Fog

Alice In Chains - Rainier Fog

01. The One You Know
02. Rainier Fog
03. Red Giant
04. Fly
05. Drone
06. Deaf Ears Blind Eyes
07. Maybe
08. So Far Under
09. Never Fade
10. All I Am

Alice In Chains is a band I loved as a teenager, and their first two albums, Facelift and Dirt, are absolute masterpieces. In a time when many Metal fans weren't exactly warming to the rising Grunge scene, Alice In Chains broke down musical boundaries with their heavy riffs and the melancholy vocals of Layne Stayley and Jerry Cantrell. Their music was dark, trippy, and unique. 

I still don't believe they've ever topped those first two records, and it's unlikely they ever will. Having said that, their albums have always been consistently very good, often producing some real gems. Rainier Fog is their sixth studio album, and their third to feature William Duval on vocals, who replaced Layne Stayley a few years after he died. As expected, Rainier Fog is also a solid release and a strong addition to the band's legacy.

Rainier Fog is quite a grower, and each time I listen to it, I pick out more things in its layers. My current favourites are Never Fade and opener The One You Know. It's no surprise that these were the two songs they picked to make music videos for, as the bulk of the material isn't exactly instantly accessible, and takes a few plays for the hooks to really soak in.

There is an undeniable quality with every Alice In Chains release, and Rainier Fog continues their masterclass in the darker side of Grunge.


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