Sunday 16 September 2018

Album Review: SICK N' BEAUTIFUL - Element of Sex

Sick N' Beautiful - Element of Sex

01. Fire True
02. Megalomanical
03. All Wanna Go To Heaven
04. Hellawake
05. Slam
06. HeXxX (The Element Of Sex)
07. Cryptid
08. New Witch 666 (The Rising)
09. Heart December (Gates II)
10. C*mmunion

Italian Rockers Sick N' Beautiful made a few waves in the underground UK scene when they toured earlier this year. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to any of the shows, but my interest was kindled enough for me to check out their new album, Element of Sex.

Firstly, I have to say "Wow!" This band is simply awesome. Imagine if Lady Gaga made a commercial Metal record with the Pop sensibilities of Alice Cooper's Trash album, and the Industrial tones of latter day White Zombie and 'Mechanical Animals era' Marilyn Manson. If you can picture something like that in your mind, you may be somewhere close to where Sick N' Beautiful are musically. I love all of those aforementioned artists, so Element of Sex really catered well to my tastes.

Like myself, Sick N' Beautiful also enjoy the theatrical side of things. They have a killer image, and are playing the roles of aliens who are visiting Earth looking for resources to fix their space-ship and return home. It's all great fun, and I can only imagine how entertaining their stage show must be.

This album really is 'all killer no filler'. Each song has been crafted to perfection and is a potential single, so choosing favourites is no simple task. I think the three singles the band released as music videos were wise choices, as between them, they give a rounded introduction to the band and the musical styles this record encompasses. New Witch 666 is particularly strong, and I'm sure it will be a popular choice with DJs.

Aside from those three, I'm also very impressed by Hellawake, with its distinct 80's Electro-Pop influence, the undeniably catchy All Wanna Go To Heaven, and the thoroughly infectious HeXxX (The Element of Sex), which could also prove to be a successful single in the near future.

Sick N' Beautiful have made a really strong album, and coupled with both an awesome image and stage show, I can see them getting a lot bigger very quickly. I can't think of many upcoming bands I'm as excited about as this one.

Sick N' Beautiful


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