Thursday 20 September 2018

Album Review: DEICIDE - Overtures Of Blasphemy

Deicide - Overtures Of Blasphemy

01. One With Satan
02. Crawled From The Shadows  
03. Seal The Tomb Below
04. Compliments Of Christ  
05. All That Is Evil
06. Excommunicated
07. Anointed In Blood  
08. Crucified Soul Of Salvation  
09. Defying The Sacred
10. Consumed By Hatred  
11. Flesh, Power, Dominion  
12. Destined To Blasphemy

When I was a teenager, Deicide were considered to be one of the 'big guns' of the Death Metal scene. Their early records are classics within the genre, and they regularly managed to infiltrate the mainstream music press with stories like vocalist/bassist Glen Benton burning an inverted cross onto his forehead, and various printing companies refusing to print the original sleeve for their Once Upon The Cross album, because it was considered to be extremely blasphemous and offensive. All of this controversy was wonderful news for their then label, Roadrunner, as it generated record sales.

I'm not massively into Death Metal if I'm being completely honest, but there are a few bands that I do like, such as Morbid Angel, Death and Dismember. It's certainly a genre that I have to be in the mood for, and when I noticed that Deicide had a new record coming out, I thought I'd indulge myself, and see if one of the original masters of Death Metal were still any good.

There's obviously been some cash pumped into this new record. Check out that awesome cover artwork and the amazing music video for Defying The Sacred. I'm pleased to say that Overtures Of Blasphemy has an amazing production quality too. In this genre, shitty, low-budget recordings where the music is often a barely audible fucking mess, are often revered as raw, uncompromising and 'authentic' in someway. Deicide's new record goes against the grain in that respect, as it sounds fantastic. Every note and drum beat are as clear as crystal, and the sound is polished, but without compromising the overall heaviness and ferocity of the music. Afterall, this audio savagery comes from the top-notch musicianship, song-writing, and the passion in the delivery by the band. The professional production proves just how good they are, and enables them to present their vision in the best possible way.

Deicide plays to its strengths. The band is synonymous with classic Death Metal and that's exactly what they deliver here. No frills, no bullshit. Glen Benton's vocals are still as powerful and menacing as ever. There's plenty of impressive melodic guitar work weaved into this web of otherwise uncompromising brutality.

There are some seriously first-class cuts on here. My personal favourites include the explosive opener One With Satan, Compliments of Christ, Defying The Sacred, and Consumed By Hatred. 

Overtures of Blasphemy is certainly essential listening for Death Metal fans, and further proof that Deicide are still kings of their genre.


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