Wednesday 31 October 2018

Movie Review: THE FIRST PURGE (2018)

The First Purge

I'm a huge fan of The Purge franchise (Check out my review of the previous movie here), so I've been excited to finally check out this fourth installment. Unfortunately, I missed it at the cinema, but now it's available on DVD/Blu Ray. 


Sunday 28 October 2018

Album Review: NAZARETH - Tattooed On My Brain

Nazareth - Tattooed On My Brain

01. Never Dance With The Devil
02. Tattooed On My Brain
03. State Of Emergency
04. Rubik's Romance
05. Pole To Pole
06. Push
07. The Secret Is Out
08. Don't Throw Your Love Away
09. Crazy Molly
10. Silent Symphony
11. What Goes Around

Saturday 27 October 2018

Album Review: CROSSFAITH - Ex_Machina

Crossfaith - Ex_Machina

01. Deus Ex Machina
02. Catastrophe
03. The Perfect Nightmare
04. Destroy (ft. Ho99o9)
05. Freedom (ft. Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari)
06. Make A Move
07. Lost In You
08. Wipeout
09. Milestone
10. Eden In The Rain
11. Twin Shadows
12. Daybreak
13. Faint (ft. Masato from Coldrain)


Album Review: MUSTA PARAATI - Black Parade

Musta Paraati - Black Parade

01. Animosity
02. Nacht Der Untoten
03. The Leader
04. Aujourd'hui
05. Chopsticks
06. The Race Is On
07. Radio
08. Digital Twin
09. Reaper
10. Today
11. If I Die Tomorrow


Thursday 25 October 2018

Album Review: IMPELLITTERI - The Nature Of The Beast

Impellitteri - The Nature of the Beast

01. Hypocrisy
02. Masquerade
03. Run For Your Life
04. Phantom Of The Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber cover)
05. Gates Of Hell
06. Wonder World
07. Man Of War
08. Symptom Of The Universe (Black Sabbath cover)
09. Do You Think I'm Mad
10. Fire It Up
11. Kill The Beast
12. Shine On

Wednesday 24 October 2018

Movie Review: HALLOWEEN (2018)

Halloween 2018

I believe that the biggest problem the Halloween franchise has had is that the original is not just a highly revered classic, but has been put on a pedestal by fans and critics alike. John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween is one of the few movies in the Horror genre which has the respect of the mainstream, along with The Exorcist, The Shining and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. For this reason, any sequel would always get a hard time, regardless of how good or bad it actually was. I've learned to ignore critics when it comes to Halloween movies, especially after reading so many scathing reviews of Rob Zombie's Halloween remake a few years ago. Personally, I thought it was really good.

Monday 22 October 2018

Album Review: LEADER OF DOWN - Cascade Into Chaos

Leader of Down - Cascade Into Chaos
01. Paradise Turned Into Dust (Lemmy on vocals, Tim Atkinson on additional bass)
02. Cascade Into Chaos
03. People Say I'm Crazy
04. Serial Killjoy (Bruce Foxton on additional bass with Tim Atkinson)
05. Children Of Disease (Whitfield Crane on vocals, Lee Richards and Whitfield Crane on backing vocals, Phil Campbell on second guitar solo)
06. Snakebite ("Fast" Eddie Clarke on all guitars and vocals)
07. Punch And Geordie
08. Feel Good (Cliff Evans on first guitar solo)
09. The Killing Rain (the last song W├╝rzel ever recorded)
10. Laugh At The Devil (Lemmy on vocals and all guitars by "Fast" Eddie Clarke)

Saturday 20 October 2018

Album Review: VENUES - Aspire

Venues - Aspire

01. We Are One
02. Lights
03. The Longing
04. Fading Away
05. The Epilogue
06. Dilemma
07. My True North
08. Star Children
09. Nothing Less
10. Shades Of Memory
11. Silence
12. Ignite


Wednesday 3 October 2018

Album Review: THERAPY? - Cleave

Therapy? - Cleave

01. Wreck It Like Beckett
02. Kakistocracy
03. Callow
04. Expelled
05. Success? Success Is Survival
06. Save Me From The Ordinary
07. Crutch
08. I Stand Alone
09. Dumbdown
10. No Sunshine

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