Sunday 29 March 2020

Album Review: IN THIS MOMENT - Mother

In This Moment - Mother

01. The Beginning (interlude)
02. Fly Like An Eagle (Steve Miller Band cover)
03. The Red Crusade (interlude)
04. The In-Between
05. Legacy
06. We Will Rock You (feat. Maria Brink, Lzzy Hale, Taylor Momsen) (Queen cover)
07. Mother
08. As Above So Below
09. Born In Flames
10. God Is She
11. Holy Man
12. Hunting Grounds (feat. Joe Cotela)
13. Lay Me Down
14. Into Dust (Mazzy Star cover)

Saturday 28 March 2020

Album Review: STITCHED UP HEART - Darkness

Stitched Up Heart - Darkness

01. Lost
02. This Skin
03. Problems
04. Warrior
05. Straitjacket
06. Dirty Secrets
07. Darkness
08. Bones
09. Dead Roses
10. Crooked Halo
11. My Demon


Friday 27 March 2020

Album Review: THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE - Diamonds

The Birthday Massacre - Diamonds

01. Enter
02. The Sky Will Turn
03. Diamonds
04. Run
05. Flashback
06. The Last Goodbye
07. Crush
08. Mirrors
09. Parallel World


Thursday 26 March 2020

Album Review: BIFF BYFORD - School Of Hard Knocks

Biff Byford - School Of Hard Knocks

01. Welcome To The Show
02. School Of Hard Knocks
03. Inquisitor
04. The Pit And The Pendulum
05. Worlds Collide
06. Scarborough Fair (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
07. Pedal To The Metal
08. Hearts Of Steel
09. Throw Down The Sword
10. Me And You
11. Black And White

Wednesday 25 March 2020

EP Review: DOOMSDAY SUN - Cult Of Stasis

Doomsday Sun - Cult Of Stasis

01A. UKBC Radio Broadcast
01. Clean The Bones
02A. Stantech Advert
02 Cult Of Stasis
03A. Log 25-08-2119 #1
03. Husk Of The Augur
04A. Log 25-08-2119 #2
04. Bring Forth The Plague
05A. J Stantham Tape 
05. He Who Fights Monsters
06. Log 25-08-2119 #3

Doomsday Sun is a Sludge Metal band from Uttoxeter, and Cult Of Stasis is their second EP. It's an ambitious affair, being a concept piece about a story involving time travel and civil war. In their words:

"Cult of Stasis is the second EP by Doomsday Sun; a five-track offering that tells the story of Dr. Jeremy Stantham, an innovative medical scientist. Despairing at his country being torn apart by civil war, Dr. Stantham invents the time capsule; a device that preserves him in a nostalgia-fuelled stasis, but still has to deal with the consequences that a twenty-year slumber can result in"

OK, so before I delve into this opus, I have a small criticism straight off the bat. Most concept albums tell a story through the songs. Sometimes there is some spoken word dialogue which fills in the gaps and effectively glues the chapters together. Doomsday Sun have spoken word interludes between every track, and a couple of them are over a minute long. If you're listening to this EP from start-to-finish as concept records are supposed to be heard, it is quite off-puting and kills the flow. If there was one at the start, one after three songs and one at the end, it may have worked, but as it is, these interludes are too much and serve as an annoyance to skip past.

However, the actual songs are pretty good. I reckon they're quite heavily influenced by bands like Mastodon, Gojira and Neurosis, but they've ended up sounding a bit more like Fourwaykill, especially on the faster tracks like Husk Of The Augur. Incidentally, that's probably my favourite song on here, along with the title track, which has a huge filthy riff that would make Pepper Keenan proud.

Bring Forth The Plague is an accomplished Metal track that is more in the vein of Lamb Of God than the other tracks. It's as crushing as it is technically proficient.

Overall, Cult Of Stasis is a solid release. It has more diversity that your average Sludge Metal release, and enough attack to appeal to a more mainstream Metal audience. Despite my earlier criticism of the spoken tracks, I do think it's cool that they're trying something a little different and, dare I say, theatrical. A bit of imagination is what sets many a beloved band apart from the oceans of dudes with long hair 'playing Metal', so kudos to them for that.

The music is the key though, and there's enough quality heavy tuneage on this new EP for them to make an impact on the underground scene.


Tuesday 24 March 2020

Album Review: AMBUSH - Infidel

Ambush - Infidel

01. Infidel
02. Yperite
03. Leave Them To Die
04. Hellbiter
05. The Summoning
06. The Demon Within
07. A Silent Killer
08. Iron Helm Of War
09. Heart Of Stone
10. Lust For Blood


Monday 23 March 2020

Album Review: PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Fuctifano

Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Fuctifano

01. Liver's Lament
02. Facebook Loser
03. Hell to Pay
04. Cydrated
05. Saturday Dad
06. Gravy Train
07. Ain't Missing Her Yet
08. Wanker
09. Small Victories
10. Punched Awake
11. Tales of the Bleedin' Obvious
12. Screwed Down
13. Queen of Fucking Everything
14. Liver's Lament (Reprise)


Sunday 22 March 2020

Album Review: DAVID REECE - Cacophony Of Souls

David Reece - Cacophony Of Souls

01. Chasing The Shadows
02. Blood On Our Hands
03. Judgement Day
04. Collective Anaesthesia
05. Cacophony Of Souls
06. Another Life Another Time
07. Metal Voice
08. Over And Over
09. Back In The Days
10. A Perfect World
11. Bleed
12. No Disguise


Saturday 21 March 2020

Album Review: CODE ORANGE - Underneath

Code Orange - Underneath

01. (deeperthanbefore)
02. Swallowing The Rabbit Whole
03. In Fear
04. You And You Alone
05. Who I Am
06. Cold.Metal.Place
07. Sulfur Surrounding
08. The Easy Way
09. Erasure Scan
10. Last Ones Left
11. Autumn And Carbine
12. Back Inside The Glass
13. A Sliver
14. Underneath

Monday 16 March 2020

Album Review: THERAPY? - Greatest Hits (2020 Versions)

Therapy? - Greatest Hits 2020

01. Teethgrinder
02. Screamager
03. Opal Mantra
04. Turn
05. Nowhere
06. Trigger Inside
07. Die Laughing
08. Stories
09. Loose
10. Diane (Husker Du cover)
11. Church Of Noise
12. Lonely, Cryin' Only


Sunday 15 March 2020

Album Review: BODY COUNT - Carnivore

Body Count - Carnivore

01. Carnivore
02. Point The Finger (feat. Riley Gale)
03. Bum-Rush
04. Ace Of Spades (Motorhead cover)
05. Another Level (feat. Jamey Jasta)
06. Colors (2020)
07. No Remorse
08. When I'm Gone (feat. Amy Lee)
09. Thee Critical Beatdown
10. The Hate Is Real

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Album Review: BURNING WITCHES - Dance With The Devil

Burning Witches - Dance With The Devil

01. The Incantation
02. Lucid Nightmare
03. Dance With The Devil
04. Wings Of Steel
05. Six Feet Underground
06. Black Magic
07. Sea Of Lies
08. The Sisters Of Fate
09. Necronomicon
10. The Final Fight
11. Threefold Return
12. Battle Hymn (feat. Ross The Boss and Michael Lepond) [Manowar cover]

Friday 6 March 2020

Album Review: H.E.A.T - H.E.A.T II

01. Rock Your Body
02. Dangerous Ground
03. Come Clean
04. Victory
05. We Are Gods
06. Adrenaline
07. One By One
08. Nothing To Say
09. Heaven Must Have Won A
10. Under The Gun
11. Rise


Thursday 5 March 2020

Album Review: LORDI - Killection

Lordi - Killection

01. Radio SCG 10
02. Horror For Hire
03. Shake The Baby Silent
04. Like A Bee To The Honey
05. Apollyon
06. SCG10 The Last Hour
07. Blow My Fuse
08. I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You
09. Zombimbo
10. Up To No Good
11. SCG10 Demonic Semitones
12. Cutterfly
13. Evil
14. Scream Demon
15. SCG10 I Am Here

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