Monday 29 January 2018

Album Review: AMERICAN SATAN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01. Jonathan Davis – What It Is
02. Crosses – Bitches Brew
03. The Pretty Reckless – Heaven Knows
04. Prep School – Freak On A Leash (Korn cover)
05. Deftones – Sextape
06. Circa Survive – Schema
07. Dorothy – Raise Hell
08. Skid Row – 18 And Life
09. Prep School – Mother (Danzig cover)
10. Meg Myers – Make A Shadow
11. In This Moment – Joan Of Arc
12. Barns Courtney – Fire
13. Slaughter – Up All Night
14. Palaye Royale – Mr. Doctor Man
15. Asking Alexandria – Into The Fire
16. The Dillinger Escape Plan – One Of Us Is The Killer
17. Nightwish – Alpenglow
18. Parkway Drive – Devil’s Calling
19. Sleeping With Sirens – Trouble
20. Bad Omens – Glass Houses


Sunday 28 January 2018

Album Review: MACHINE HEAD - Catharsis

Machine Head - Catharsis

01. Volatile
02. Catharsis
03. Beyond the Pale
04. California Bleeding
05. Triple Beam
06. Kaleidoscope
07. Bastards
08. Hope Begets Hope
09. Screaming At The Sun
10. Behind A Mask
11. Heavy Lies The Crown
12. Psychotic
13. Grind You Down
14. Razorblade Smile
15. Eulogy

Album Review: MAGNUM - Lost On The Road To Eternity

Magnum - Lost On The Road To Eternity

01. Peaches and Cream
02. Show Me Your Hands
03. Storm Baby
04. Welcome to the Cosmic Cabaret
05. Lost on the Road to Eternity (Featuring Tobias Sammet)
06. Without Love
07. Tell Me What You've Got to Say
08. Ya Wanna Be Someone
09. Forbidden Masquerade
10. Glory to Ashes
11. King of the World


Friday 26 January 2018

Album Review: OF MICE & MEN - Defy

Of Mice & Men - Defy
01. Defy
02. Instincts
03. Back To Me
04. Sunflower
05. Unbreakable
07. Money (Pink Floyd cover)
08. How Will You Live
09. On The Inside
10. Warzone
11. Forever YDG'n
12. If We Were Ghosts

Saturday 20 January 2018

Movie Review: AMERICAN SATAN (2017)

American Satan
After the cool trailer and the awesome soundtrack album from The Relentless (the fictional band from the film - read my review here), I've been looking forward to checking out American Satan for months! It received very limited cinema showings in America around Halloween last year, but has now finally hit digital platforms here in the UK, with a Blu-Ray/DVD release expected soon.


Thursday 18 January 2018

Album Review: RAGE CAVE - Ride The Rhino

Rage Cave - Ride The Rhino
01. No Way Out
02. The World (Doesn't Revolve Around You)
03. Devil's Advocate
04. Secular Sabbath
05. Neanderthal 1 Rage Cave
06. Neanderthal 2 Space Haze
07. Neanderthal 3 Kill To Live
08. Ride The Rhino

Tuesday 16 January 2018


Hellraiser Revelations

Despite being a huge Hellraiser fan, I've put off watching this movie for a long time. I've heard nothing positive about this movie whatsoever, with the general consensus amongst fans that this is the worst addition to the franchise. Having really disliked the previous four movies, I felt that my time was too valuable to watch this, and it'd be better spent doing pretty much anything else. However, with the hype of a new Hellraiser movie due in 2018, and my relentless will for the franchise to return to former glories, I decided to rip off the plaster and give Revelations a watch.


Saturday 13 January 2018

Album Review: CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - No Cross No Crown

Corrosion Of Conformity - No Cross No Crown
01. Novus Deus
02. The Luddite
03. Cast The First Stone
04. No Cross
05. Wolf Named Crow
06. Little Man
07. Matre's Diem
08. Forgive Me
09. Nothing Left To Say
10. Sacred Isolation
11. Old Disaster
12. E.L.M.
13. No Cross No Crown
14. A Quest To Believe (A Call To The Void)
15. Son And Daughter

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