Cult of Dan Peach is my blog about Rock/Metal/Goth/Punk/Alternative music, Horror movies, Comics, and generally anything else that interests me. I do this for fun and, in a way, it's like a diary of things I've checked out, that I'm sharing with the world.

I'm a musician, DJ and promoter. I am best known for playing guitar in Gothic Punk/Hard Rock band 'Lesbian Bed Death' and previously Rap-Metal/Hardcore band 'Razorwire'. I run a small independent record label called Psychophonic, which has released albums worldwide for a number of bands over the years as well as my own. In addition, I've been a live music promoter since I was a teenager and have worked with hundreds of artists, predominantly in the Rock and Metal scene. I am also an active Rock/Metal/Alternative DJ in the Stoke-on-Trent area. Aside from music, I love Horror movies, comics and wrestling my dogs.

I recently thought about my favourite albums ever, and the records that had the biggest impact on my life. I whittled my list down to my top 50. Even that was quite difficult as there are a few killer records that I wish I could have squeezed in there. Oh, and I limited it to one album per artist (otherwise it would be full of Judas Priest LPs). 

It's also worth noting that, being an honest list, a number of these are 'best of' albums. For you younger readers, there was once a time when there was no internet (hard to believe, I know). CDs were expensive too, so if you heard a band you liked, the norm was to pick up a compilation album first, then collect the studio albums after that. I guess compilations are arguably obsolete now, with the advent of YouTube and Spotify.

Anyway, here are my favourite 50 albums of all time:

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