Saturday 27 July 2019

Gig Review: BLOODYWOOD + ARMADA OF SECRETS + PULVERISE at Rebellion, Manchester (UK) 26/07/2019

Bloodywood at Rebellion, Manchester

After tearing up the motorway after work, I arrived at Rebellion just in time to catch the last couple of tracks in Pulverise's set. Songs like Slam Time are perfect for a show like this, and the audience lap it up as though Pulverise were headliners. The sound was superb and the band were on top form. Relentless gigging has really paid off and Pulverise are a machine that fans of Rap Metal can't resist. I really hope that they're picked up by a decent label soon as there aren't many bands out there as deserving as they are.

Pulverise at Rebellion 2019

Armada of Secrets are a three-piece alternative band that mix an array of styles into bass-driven Rock. The twist is that there are no guitars. The bassist is exceptionally good and makes up for this with some complex, dynamic bass lines that powers the band through. I thought it was a little strange that a band with such a fantastic slot would play a set with so many covers, as this was the perfect opportunity to present their original music to the masses, as opposed to just trying to please them with songs that they're probably already familiar with. 

Their set was good, albeit a little samey due to the nature of their set-up, but I'd be more interested in hearing them when they've developed a stronger set of original material.

Armada of Secrets at Rebellion 2019

Tonight marked Bloodywood's first time in Manchester as part of their first ever UK tour. Their music videos, where they've mixed contemporary Metal, Rap Metal and traditional Indian music, have gone viral and the international interest in this band has gone through the roof. Let's not forget that they don't even have a full-length album out yet, and there are still hundreds of people snapping up tickets to see them regardless.

The hype is well and truly justified, as Bloodywood were fantastic. The entire set crackled with energy and this positive spirit and enthusiasm from the band infected the audience, making for a truly great show. It was really clear the band were having the time of their lives on this tour, and that's part of the magic.

Opening with the killer Machi Bhasad (Expect A Riot), they tore through a short-but sweet set of all the songs we've come to love them for from their YouTube channel, including Endurant, Jee Veerey, and the defiant celebration of diversity that is Ari Ari. They even did their own interpretation of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, which was also really cool. At the end of the show, they played Machi Bhasad (Expect A Riot) again as an encore. The room exploded one more time as Bloodywood sealed their place in our memories as one of the best bands to come to Rebellion.

Bloodywood appear to be getting significantly bigger on a daily basis, and it was an honour to catch them at this relatively early stage of their career. I have absolutely no doubt that by next year they'll be playing bigger venues and UK festivals. I'm also very excited for the day when their first full-length album comes out. I'll be a 'first day buyer' for sure.

Bloodywood at Rebellion Manchester 2019
Bloodywood at Rebellion Manchester 2019
Bloodywood at Rebellion Manchester 2019
Bloodywood at Rebellion Manchester 2019
Bloodywood at Rebellion Manchester 2019
Bloodywood at Rebellion Manchester 2019
Bloodywood at Rebellion Manchester 2019


Tuesday 23 July 2019

Album Review: WHITESNAKE - Flesh & Blood

Whitesnake- Flesh & Blood

01. Good to See You Again
02. Gonna Be Alright
03. Shut Up & Kiss Me
04. Hey You (You Make Me Rock)
05. Always & Forever
06. When I Think of You (Color Me Blue)
07. Trouble Is Your Middle Name
08. Flesh & Blood
09. Well I Never
10. Heart of Stone
11. Get Up
12. After All
13. Sands of Time
14. Can't Do Right for Doing Wrong (Bonus Track)
15. If I Can't Have You (Bonus Track)


Monday 22 July 2019

Album Review: BEASTO BLANCO - We Are

Beasto Blanco - We Are

01. The Seeker
02. Solitary Rave
03. Ready To Go
04. Down
05. Perception Of Me
06. Let's Rip
07. Half Life
08. We Got This
09. Follow The Bleed
10. I See You In It
11. Halcyon (Bonus Track)

Sunday 21 July 2019

Album Review: CRAZY LIXX - Forever Wild

Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild

01. Wicked
02. Break Out
03. Silent Thunder
04. (She's Wearing) Yesterday's Face
05. Eagle
06. Terminal Velocity
07. It's You
08. Love Don't Live Here Anymore
09. Weekend Lover
10. Never Die (Forever Wild)

Friday 19 July 2019

Album Review: DANKO JONES - A Rock Supreme

Danko Jones - A Rock Supreme

01. I'm in A Band
02. I Love Love
03. We're Crazy
04. Dance Dance Dance
05. Lipstick City
06. Fists up High
07. Party
08. You Got Today
09. That Girl
10. Burn in Hell
11. You Can't Keep Us Down

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