Tuesday 23 July 2019

Album Review: WHITESNAKE - Flesh & Blood

Whitesnake- Flesh & Blood

01. Good to See You Again
02. Gonna Be Alright
03. Shut Up & Kiss Me
04. Hey You (You Make Me Rock)
05. Always & Forever
06. When I Think of You (Color Me Blue)
07. Trouble Is Your Middle Name
08. Flesh & Blood
09. Well I Never
10. Heart of Stone
11. Get Up
12. After All
13. Sands of Time
14. Can't Do Right for Doing Wrong (Bonus Track)
15. If I Can't Have You (Bonus Track)

Now this was a pleasant surprise. I love Whitesnake, but in all honesty I've felt that their best was far behind them and the last couple of records weren't exactly up to the standards I'd expect. However, Flesh & Blood is easily their best album since 1989's Slip Of The Tongue.

Mr Coverdale is in fine voice, especially for a man in his sixties. Lyrically, he still sings about shagging and broken hearts, and seems blissfully unaware of the passing of time. David Coverdale will never change and that's no bad thing.

New guitarists Joel Hoekstra and Reb Beach (of Winger fame) have clearly brought a lot of creativity and flare to the table both in terms of song-writing and performance.

There are some great songs on here that I'm sure will be looked back on as classics one day. For me, the stand-out tracks are the two singles Shut Up & Kiss Me and Hey You (You Make Me Rock), which incidentally isn't quite the excessive cheese-fest one would expect from the title. Also, the slightly Grunge-tinged rocker Gonna Be Alright, the infectious opener Good To See You Again, and the bluesy power-ballad Heart Of Stone are all truly excellent slabs of Hard Rock.

In fairness, the whole damn thing is fantastic. It's easily one of the best albums of 2019 so far and has re-kindled my love for Whitesnake. Lock up your grans, David Coverdale is back!


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