Wednesday 15 May 2019

Album Review: FOREVER STILL - Breathe In Colours

01. Rewind
02. Fight!
03. Breathe In Colours
04. Is It Gone
05. Survive
06. Do Your Worst
07. Pieces
08. Rising Over You
09. Say Your Goodbyes
10. Embrace The Tide
11. Is It Gone (Acoustic Version)
12. Perfect Day (Lou Reed cover)


Tuesday 14 May 2019

Album Review: A NEW REVENGE - Enemies & Lovers

A New Revenge - Enemies & Lovers

01. The Distance Between
02. The Way
03. Never Let You Go
04. Glorious
05. The Eyes
06. Fallen
07. Only The Pretty Ones
08. Enemies & Lovers
09. Here's To Us
10. Scars


Monday 13 May 2019

Album Review: TESLA - Shock

Tesla - Shock

01 You Won't Take Me Alive
02 Taste Like
03 We Can Rule The World
04 Shock
05 Love Is A Fire
06 California Summer Song
07 Forever Loving You
08 The Mission
09 Tied To The Tracks
10 Afterlife
11 I Want Everything
12 Comfort Zone


Sunday 12 May 2019

Album Review: THE WILDHEARTS - Renaissance Men

The Wildhearts - Renaissance Men

01. Dislocated
02. Let 'Em Go
03. The Renaissance Men
04. Fine Art Of Deception
05. Diagnosis
06. My Kinda Movie
07. Little Flower
08. Emergency (Fentanyl Babylon)
09. My Side Of The Bed
10. Pilo Erection


Saturday 11 May 2019

Album Review: DIE KLUTE - Planet Fear

DIEKLUTE - Planet Fear

01. If I Die
02. Out Of Control
03. The Hangman
04. Rich Kid Loser
05. For Nothing
06. Human Error
07. It's All In Vain
08. Born For A Cause
09. Infectious
10. Push The Limit
11. She Watch Channel Zero?! (Public Enemy cover)
12. Mofo

Friday 10 May 2019

Album Review: NEW YEARS DAY - Unbreakable

New Years Day - Unbreakable

01. Come For Me
02. MissUnderstood
03. Skeletons
04. Unbreakable
05. Shut Up
06. Done With You
07. Poltergeist
08. Break My Body
09. Sorry Not Sorry
10. My Monsters
11. Nocturnal
12. I Survived


Thursday 9 May 2019

Album Review: MARK MORTON - Anesthetic

Mark Morton - Anesthetic

01. Cross Off (feat. Chester Bennington)
02. Sworn Apart (feat. Jacoby Shaddix)
03. Axis (feat. Mark Lanegan)
04. The Never (feat. Chuck Billy + Jake Oni)
05. Save Defiance (feat. Myles Kennedy)
06. Blur (feat. Mark Morales)
07. Back From The Dead (feat. Josh Todd)
08. Reveal (feat. Naeemah Maddox)
09. Imaginary Days
10. Truth Is Dead (feat. Randy Blythe + Alissa White-Gluz)


Wednesday 8 May 2019

Album Review: SKOLD - Never Is Now

Skold - Never Is Now

01. Never Is Now
02. Small World
03. Pharmaceuticals
04. Roses
05. Please Remain Calm
06. Ravenous
07. In Another Life
08. This Is The End
09. Idle Hands
10. Temple Of Rage
11. Be Brave
12. American Bluff
13. This Is What You Get
14. Insatiable
15. And So 


Tuesday 7 May 2019

Album Review: BLUTENGEL: Un:Gott

BlutEngel - Un:Gott

01. Together As One
02. Into The Void
03. König
04. Praise The Lord
05. Not My Home
06. Alles
07. Seductive Dreams
08. Vampire
09. Surrender To The Darkness
10. I’m Alive
11. Am Ende der Zeit
12. Teufelswerk
13. Resurrection Of The Light
14. Morningstar
15. The Last Song


Monday 6 May 2019

Gig Review: AESTHETIC PERFECTION + PRIEST + AMELIA ARSENIC + NATURE OF WIRES at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton (UK) 12/04/2019

AESTHETIC PERFECTION + PRIEST + AMELIA ARSENIC + NATURE OF WIRES at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton (UK) 12/04/2019

It's very rare for me to go to a gig purely to see a support band, but that was the case for me tonight. I absolutely love Priest. Their debut album, New Flesh (read my review here) was my favourite record of 2017 (full list here), so I've been looking forward to seeing the band live for months.

First up was UK based Electronica trio Nature of Wires. I'd never heard of them before, but I was very pleased that I came down early to check them out. They had a Gary Numan-meets-Dance music thing going on, and coupled with some hauntingly catchy vocals from their singer Sarah Bouchier, I was won over quite quickly. I've heard a few bands that sound a bit like this recently, but what sets them apart from the pack is not only Sarah's amazing voice, but also that their music is laced with Pop hooks making it instantly accessible.  

Nature of Wires at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
Nature of Wires

Amelia Arsenic was up next. Unfortunately, her backing band were sick and unable to perform. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to play, she performed with a backing track on a laptop. In fairness, many artists in this genre have almost everything on a backing track anyway, and it sounded great regardless. I also have a lot of respect for artists who step up in the face of adversity and make sure that the show goes on. Amelia did just this, and put on an excellent performance. Her music has a Sleigh Bells mixed with Pretty Addicted vibe which I liked a lot. The songs were catchy and, coupled with her strong image, I can see Amelia being really successful in the future.
Amelia Arsenic at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
Amelia Arsenic

There appears to have been a lot of drama in the Priest camp recently with rumours of firings and subsequent new band members. Having a band with people wearing masks and not using their real names allows line-up changes to happen behind the scenes without the audience being aware. I wonder which band this reminds me of? Anyway, if I hadn't read about these line-up changes on the internet I honestly wouldn't have realised, as Priest looked and sounded like Priest. Phew.

Opening with The Pit, it was clear that I was not the only one here to see the main support band. There was a massive buzz in the audience, with plenty of people singing the words to every song. Having only one studio album, they squeezed most of their songs into their set, including personal favourites like The Cross, Private Eye and Populist. Their set tonight was slick and nothing short of electrifying. I can't wait to see them again at the earliest opportunity!

Priest at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
Priest at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
Priest at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
By the time headliners Aesthetic Perfection hit the stage, the venue had filled up nicely. I'd checked out a few of their tracks on YouTube before the show, but other than that, I wasn't really familiar with the band. Fortunately for me, all of the songs I'd listened to prior to the gig were in the set, such as Gods & Gold, Never Enough, Love Like Lies, and my personal favourite, the ludicrously catchy Antibody.

Aesthetic Perfection were nothing short of excellent. The band crackled with energy and oozed charisma. I think having a live drummer and some live guitars thrown in there gave their show a badass Rock band vibe, and really added to their sound. Their set was tight, intense, and everything any fan could want. I was really impressed. I'm going to have to check out their back catalogue now and catch them again next time they come around.

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