Monday 13 May 2019

Album Review: TESLA - Shock

Tesla - Shock

01 You Won't Take Me Alive
02 Taste Like
03 We Can Rule The World
04 Shock
05 Love Is A Fire
06 California Summer Song
07 Forever Loving You
08 The Mission
09 Tied To The Tracks
10 Afterlife
11 I Want Everything
12 Comfort Zone

I first heard Tesla when they did the title song of the Last Action Hero movie soundtrack. It was utterly ridiculous but magnificent at the same time. I basically went from there, and really got into their first few albums.

This new one has an excellent production. Some may consider it over-produced, but I think the sound works really well for their style. It's certainly nice to hear an older band that's been able to record with a decent budget, as opposed to so many of their peers who churn out demo-sounding trash and pass it off as 'raw' and 'authentic'.

Musically, Tesla still sound like Tesla which pleases me greatly. For those unfamiliar with them, imagine a mix of late 80's Aerosmith and Def Leppard and you'll be somewhere not too far away.

Opener You Won't Take Me Alive is a swagger-packed rocker that sets the tone for the record perfectly. Taste Like is a great upbeat number, but it's not until the title track that we hear Tesla at their absolute best. Shock is easily one of the best songs they've ever recorded, hands down!

My only real criticism of this record is that the record is a bit 'ballad-heavy'. They're all good songs, but some more rockers would have been nice. After a sea of slow numbers, Tied To The Tracks was so welcome to my ears.

Shock is a welcome return and I can't see Tesla disappointing any of their existing fans with this one.


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