Friday 27 July 2018

Album Review: KAMELOT - The Shadow Theory

Kamelot - The Shadow Theory

01. The Mission
02. Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)
03. Ravenlight
04. Amnesiac
05. Burns To Embrace
06. In Twilight Hours
07. Kevlar Skin
08. Static
09. MindFall Remedy
10. Stories Unheard
11. Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)
12. The Proud and The Broken
13. Ministrium (Shadow Key)

I first checked out Kamelot back in 1997, just before they released their second album, Dominion. I read somewhere that they sounded a bit like a mix of classic Queensryche and Dream Theater. This totally sold it to me, and I picked up Dominion on CD at the earliest convenience. I thought the album was great, but to be completely honest, the band totally fell off my radar, so The Shadow Theory is effectively my re-introduction to the band. A lot has changed since Dominion, well aside from founder member and guitarist Thomas Youngblood, the whole band has changed. However, the musical style is still in the same vein, and The Shadow Theory hasn't deviated too far from what I guess fans would want from a Kamelot record.

The Shadow Theory is an impressive album which serves as a masterclass in Symphonic, Prog, and Power Metal. If you like those genres and aren't aware of Kamelot, you may be about to discover your new favourite band.

Kamelot know how to deliver a catchy song, without delving too far into the world of Pop, instead relying heavily on soaring melodic choruses, bolstered with some seriously fat riffs. Amnesiac is a superb single and has all of the aforementioned qualities. Ravenlight is another personal favourite, and is as dark as it is theatrical, and boasts some killer lead guitar work. Kevlar Skin is also a winner with its first-class musicianship and overall heaviosity, reminding me a little of 90's Savatage.

I'm hopefully going to see Kamelot at Bloodstock Festival this year, so it will be interesting to hear what this line-up is like live. I'm also going to have my work cut out going through their back catalogue and finding out what I've been missing out on all these years since Dominion.



  1. Wow you've missed out the best of Kamelot with Roy Khan...truly brilliant stuff, especially Karma, Epica, and The Black Halo.
    The Shadow Theory, while very well crafted, was a bit disappointing by their extremely high standards.

    1. I'm looking forward to spending some time listening to these older records. They were fantastic at Bloodstock yesterday!


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