Tuesday 31 July 2018

Album Review: RISE AGAINST - The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1

Rise Against - The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol.1

01. The Violence (From Wolves)
02. Audience of One (From Appeal to Reason)
03. Faint Resemblance (From The Unraveling)
04. House on Fire (From Wolves)
05. Like the Angel (From Revolutions per Minute)
06. Miracle (From Wolves)
07. Savior (From Appeal to Reason)
08. Wait for Me (From Endgame)
09. Far From Perfect (From Wolves)
10. Voices Off Camera (From Revolutions per Minute)

It's no secret that I love Rise Against and believe them to be one of the greatest Punk bands of all time. Seeing them recently headline the second stage at Download Festival (read my review here) really hammered this home. I feel very lucky to have seen this band so many times in their prime, delivering the perfect show time after time.

The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol.1 is a collection of songs from their repertoire, having been given the acoustic, unplugged treatment. Hearing them in this form shows a different dimension to the songs and reminds the listener how amazing Tim McIlrath's lyrics are. They are pure poetry, and politically resonate just as much now, as they did when they were written. 

Every song is a superb unplugged rendition of a bonafide classic. Each is a beautiful reflection of the ugliness in the world that inspired it, and there is a depth to these songs that I genuinely believe will keep them relevant forever. The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1 is more than just a stop-gap between Wolves (read my review here) and their next studio album. It's an essential part of their back catalogue, and I'm looking forward to Vol. 2 very much indeed.


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