Monday 21 December 2020

Album Review: PRIEST - Cyberhead


01. Xpander
02. Dead Ringer
03. I Believe In You
04. Decay
05. Thieves
06. Time Traveler
07. Beacon Of Light
08. Hysteria
09. Indestructible
10. Star Maker
11. Mother Base

After some chaos in the ranks, Priest return with their second full-length album, Cyberhead. They've always been a mysterious bunch, but what I can gather from various sources is that they have replaced at least two members, including their lead singer. I'm pretty sure that the guy singing on Cyberhead isn't the same dude who was the initial replacement who toured with them last year (read my review of their Wolverhampton show here). 

Anyway, I absolutely loved their debut album, New Flesh (read my review here), so much that it was my favourite album of 2017 (full list here). Naturally, I was a bit concerned about such major line-up changes, and whether or not this new incarnation of Priest would stand up to its predecessor.

Cyberhead is a great album. It's not as instantly accessible as New Flesh, and is a little less 'poppy' over all, but when its hooks are in, they're in deep. When I initially heard the first single, Dead Ringer, I wasn't that taken with it. It seemed to be building up to something without really going anywhere. However, on repeated listens, it grew on me, and now I love it.

Now I've had the album a while, and have had a proper chance for it to soak in, I can say that I really like Cyberhead. I think they close the singles wisely, as these are the most instantly catchy songs, and probably my overall favourites. These being Dead Ringer, Thieves, the 80's-tastic Beacon of Light, and the Duran Duran-meets-Depeche Mode flavoured Time Traveler. I also love the opener, Xpander, which is the perfect bridge between the old Priest and this new version.

Although I adore the debut album, Cyberhead is certainly a strong follow-up and is packed with plenty of killer singles that I'm sure will fit effortlessly into their live set.


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