Sunday 20 December 2020

Album Review: IRON MAIDEN - Nights Of The Dead, Legacy Of The Beast: Live In Mexico City


01. Churchill's Speech
02. Aces High
03. Where Eagles Dare
04. 2 Minutes To Midnight
05. The Clansman
06. The Trooper
07. Revelations
08. For The Greater Good Of God
09. The Wicker Man
10. Sign Of The Cross
11. Flight Of Icarus
12. Fear Of The Dark
13. Iron Maiden
14. The Number Of The Beast
15. The Evil That Men Do
16. Hallowed Be Thy Name
17. Run To The Hills


It doesn't seem to matter how many Iron Maiden live albums I have, I'm always excited at the prospect of another. I don't care that For The Greater Good Of God is the only song that hasn't appeared on a Maiden live album before, I'm just happy to part with my cash for a new record.

Seriously though, this isn't essential to the regular human being. Only die-hard fans, or newbies who don't have any of their other live albums yet will be racing to their local record shop to buy this bad boy. 

It's basically as you'd expect. It's another phenomenal performance from one of the best and most important Heavy Metal bands ever. The production is excellent, and gives these songs an extra spark of excitement and energy, and reminds you just how much you love Iron Maiden.

There isn't anything else for me to add. If you're a fan you probably have a copy of this already. If not, I'm sure Santa will sort you out. If he doesn't, get a new family.


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