Friday 21 September 2018

Album Review: NONPOINT - X

Nonpoint - X

01. Empty Batteries
02. Chaos and Earthquakes
03. Fix This
04. Crashing
05. Passive Aggressive
06. Dodge Your Destiny
07. Wheel Against Will
08. Milestone
09. Feel the Way I Feel
10. Position One
11. Paralyzed
12. Fix This (Acoustic)
13. Generation Idiot (Live)

Nonpoint is a band that I've been disconnected from for a long time. I have their major label debut album Statement, and it's got some pretty good songs on it. I even saw them play live in Manchester around the time it came out. After that, they slipped off my radar. They've had minimal press coverage over the last decade or so, and I can't remember ever seeing any of their music videos on Scuzz or Kerrang TV. They arrived in the UK on the crest of the wave of the hugely popular Nu Metal scene, then seemed to disappear just as quickly as they came. So I guess you could imagine how surprised I was when I found out that they were still going, and that this new album, X, is their tenth studio album. Well, the title was a bit of a giveaway.

X is actually really good. Nonpoint still utilise a mix of Rap Metal, Nu Metal and Hardcore, and they do it very well, which is clearly a key to both their success and longevity. Having given this new album a thorough listen, they sound to my ears like a mix of early Sevendust and early Linkin Park, blended together with some heavy grooving riffs that are reminiscent of classic Pantera. If that description appeals, you really need to check out Nonpoint straight away.

There are some really good songs on X. Chaos And Earthquakes has some nice melodic lead guitars leading up to a barrage of heavy grooves and rhythmic vocals harking back to the glory days of Nu Metal. It's a catchy track, and it's no surprise that they made a music video for it.

Other stand-out tracks for me include the emotive Fix This, the chilled and reflective Feel The Way I Feel, and infectious album closer Paralyzed.  

I was surprised to like X as much as I do. Nonpoint have succeeded in making a record that's retro without sounding dated. It also serves as a reminder that the Nu Metal scene spawned some truly great bands, and it's a style of Metal that's as 'built to last' as any other.


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