Monday 10 September 2018

Album Review: U.D.O. - Steelfactory

U.D.O. - Steelfactory

01. Tongue Reaper
02. Make The Move
03. Keeper Of My Soul
04. In The Heat Of The Night
05. Raise The Game
06. Blood On Fire
07. Rising High
08. The Devil Is An Angel (Digipack bonus track)
09. Hungry And Angry
10. One Heart One Soul
11. Pictures In My Dreams (Digipack bonus track)
12. A Bite Of Evil
13. Eraser
14. Rose In The Desert
15. The Way

After spending the last few years touring the world performing Accept classics under the moniker of 'Dirkschneider', the ex-Accept front-man and his band U.D.O. are back writing and recording new material.

Udo's albums have always been in the same musical area as his former band, but this new record, Steelfactory, has a distinctive 'classic Accept' sound and general vibe about it. No doubt, the intense touring as Dirkschneider has significantly influenced the creative process here. I'm not complaining though, as I'm a huge fan anyway, and this style is where Udo really excells.

There are some great songs on here. Keeper Of My Soul, sounds like it could have been taken from Accept's legendary Objection Overruled, and In The Heat Of The Night has a distinctive 80's feel with it's wailing lead guitars and huge chorus. Other stand-out tracks include Blood On Fire and the anthemic One Heart One Soul.

Steelfactory is an exceptionally strong album which will no doubt delight fans of U.D.O. and Accept. This is traditional Heavy Metal at its finest, and is a reminder of Udo's incredible legacy, as well as proof that he and his band can still swim with the sharks and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any other act in this genre.


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