Tuesday 25 September 2018

Album Review: URIAH HEEP - Living The Dream

Uriah Heep - Living The Dream

01. Grazed By Heaven
02. Living The Dream
03. Take Away My Soul
04. Knocking At My Door
05. Rocks In The Road
06. Waters Flowin'
07. It's All Been Said
08. Goodbye To Innocence
09. Falling Under Your Spell
10. Dreams Of Yesteryear
11. Take Away My Soul (alternate version) (bonus track)

I remember when I was heavily getting into Rock and Metal music in my early teens, and my eldest brother lent me some of his vinyl. Amongst a variety of classics, almost all from the Seventies, there was the debut album from Uriah Heep entitled ...Very 'Eavy...Very 'Umble. I was a little freaked out by the cover which looked like the face of a dead man covered in cobwebs. I remember the band being in a similar musical vein to Deep Purple and Rainbow, and really liking it. A few years later, I picked it up on CD along with their second album, 1971's Salisbury, which is also a very cool record. Until this week, that's all I'd ever listened to by this band, so I was quite fascinated to hear what Uriah Heep had to offer in 2018. 

Living The Dream is Uriah Heep's 25th studio album, and only guitarist and founder member Mick Box remains from the original line-up, although having done a little research, singer Bernie Shaw and keyboardist Phil Lanzon have been with the band since 1986.

I was quite pleased that Uriah Heep still sound pretty much the same, but with a modern, crisp production that really adds a glorious sheen to the whole thing. Admittedly, they still sound quite a lot like a mix of Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy, with a prominent Hammond organ and some fantastic lead guitar work.

Living The Dream is a really strong 70's-style Classic Rock album and is easily as good as anything Deep Purple, Magnum, or even Whitesnake have put out in the last couple of decades. Take Away My Soul was a great choice for a single as it's a superb melodic rocker with a huge chorus. It reminds me a bit of Rainbow and The Who mashed together which can only be a good thing.

Other personal favourites include the opener Grazed By Heaven, title track Living The Dream, the folky Waters Flowin' which has a flavour of Led Zeppelin, and the galloping rocker Falling Under Your Spell.

Living The Dream is an absolute must for fans of this genre. There are loads of bands out there cashing in on their name and former glories, and simply 'mail it in' when it comes to new material. Uriah Heep somehow still sound vital, and have released a record that not only surpassed my expectations, but can stand shoulder to shoulder with any Classic Rock giant you'd care to mention. What this also means is that I have another 22 Uriah Heep albums I need to listen to, as I've clearly been missing out!


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  1. Ha! I am a full blown Heepster and you really really do need to check out the back catalogue. Try the classics 'Demons and Wizzards' and 'Look at Yourself' from the classic line up with David Byron on vocals. 'Abominog' which was a kind of 'comeback' album , but not really. From the Bernie Shaw era you really must check out 'Sea Of light' which is one of the best rock albums EVER released IMO. Then you only have another 18 slabs of glorious rpock to listen too (with the possible exception of 'Conquest' which was a little below par for them. I have met all but one of the current line up and I can tell you that Mick Box is one of the true gentlemen of Rock, and the rest of the guys are lovely people too.. Happy listening Dan :-)


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