Sunday 22 October 2017

Album Review: AUTOGRAPH - Get Off Your Ass

Autograph - Get Off Your Ass!
01. Get Off Your Ass
02. Every Generation
03. All I Own
04. You Are Us, We Are You
05. Meet Me Half Way
06. I Lost My Mind In America
07. All Emotion
08. Watch It Now
09. Ready To Get Down
10. Turn Up The Radio (Live)

Before I get started, who the fuck signed off on this record cover? I cannot believe that a band with the legacy and stature of Autograph would release something so amateur looking, and, well... shit. I understand that they must be on a limited budget, but this shows a distinct lack of quality control, and generally doesn't bode well.

For those unfamiliar with Autograph, they're an American Hard Rock / AOR band that had a relatively brief amount of mainstream success in the mid 80's, mainly due to their hit Turn Up The Radio. I discovered them via their awesome song You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside, which is on the Fright Night soundtrack (one of the best movies ever!).

Get Off Your Ass is the band's first album since reforming in 2013, with a new lead singer and drummer. Taking into account the tragic album cover, and cringe worthy title, I didn't have very high hopes for this record at all. The opening track isn't great, and things don't get any better during the next few songs. They're not awful, just sadly mediocre in both song writing and production.

Having said that, the album does start to pick up during the latter half, with a few stronger tracks such as I Lost My Mind In America, All Emotion and the Kiss-esque Watch It Now.

The best song on here by a mile is a live version of Turn Up The Radio. That's the problem with this album. There are some OK songs here, but there's nothing that compares to their most killer material from the 80's. Like many bands from their era, they're simply not as good as they used to be, and are offering nothing but mildly disappointing nostalgia.

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