Saturday 25 July 2020

Album Review: HANK VON HELL - Dead

Hank Von Hell - Dead

01. Ad Conteram Incantatores
02. Dead
03. Danger Danger!
04. Blackened Eyes
05. Disco
06. Crown
07. Radio Shadow
08. Video Et Taceo (Interlude)
09. Velvet Hell
10. Forever Animal
11. Am I Wrong
12. 13 In 1
13. Requiem For An Emperor

Ex-Turbonegro front-man Hank Von Hell is a living legend. I was so happy when he returned to music with his awesome debut, Egomania (read my review here), and he's wasted no time following it up with album number two.

It comes as no surprise whatsoever to tell you that Dead is amazing! If you love Hank, you're in for another treat.

As with its predecessor, Dead has a slick production and sounds huge. I'm sure some old-school fans of his early Punk days will think that the new stuff doesn't sound 'raw' enough, but for me, Hank's mix of Punk and Hard Rock with a splash of Pop really benefits from these modern production values.

As expected, the songs are as catchy as Hell. It's all so listenable and my ears appreciate the instant gratification. Some records take a while to grow on you, but this one rocks hard from the starting whistle, which is just what the doctor ordered.

As I said, there are no duffers here. This makes choosing favourites quite difficult. However, the fun, balls-out rocker Danger Danger! may well be the best solo song Hank has ever released. Close behind is the majestic, yet dark and reflective 13 in 1, where Hank acknowledges the hard times he's been through, and his journey has now been immortalised by this masterpiece of a song.

Other tracks that deserve a quick shout-out include Crown, which features some amazing guest vocals from Guernica Mancini from Thundermother, the Hard Rock swagger of Blackened Eyes, and the back-to-back, cool-as-ice Velvet Hell and Forever Animal.

Hank Von Hell deserves to be a global superstar. In my eyes he already is, but I'd love to see him truly get his day in the sun. Imagine if he supported Kiss or Motley Crue or a band on that level? Hank would clean up, especially with this new material.


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