Monday 23 March 2020

Album Review: PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Fuctifano

Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Fuctifano

01. Liver's Lament
02. Facebook Loser
03. Hell to Pay
04. Cydrated
05. Saturday Dad
06. Gravy Train
07. Ain't Missing Her Yet
08. Wanker
09. Small Victories
10. Punched Awake
11. Tales of the Bleedin' Obvious
12. Screwed Down
13. Queen of Fucking Everything
14. Liver's Lament (Reprise)

After the title of their last record, That Shallot (read my review here), I thought that was Peter And The Test Tube Babies' way of telling us that there wouldn't be any more albums. After all, they must be over a hundred years old by now! I was please to find out about this new album, Fuctifano, and even happier to discover that it's a winner.

They've always been one of my favourite punk bands, so it's nice to see them getting more press than normal, and well-earned glowing reviews. Here's another one.

It's business as usual, as the band delivers another collection of catchy, diverse, raucous Punk songs with hilarious lyrics. It's all light-hearted, vulgar fun, like the Viz in Rock n' Roll form. PATTB maintain their high standards, if you can call them that, with gems like Facebook Loser, Cydrated, Saturday Dad, Wanker, and Queen Of Fucking Everything.

The production is decent, which is where a lot of Punk bands fall down. These guys are seasoned Punk professionals and know how to deliver the goods time and time again. A new album from Peter And The Test Tube Babies is always a pleasure.


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