Monday 18 May 2020

Album Review: SHE HATES EMOTIONS - Melancholic Maniac

She Hates Emotions - Melancholic Maniac

01. She's A Dreamer (Intro)
02. Edge Of The Night
03. City Lights
04. The Final Dance
05. See The Light
06. Leaving
07. Cry Wolf
08. Ghosttown
09. Turn Back The Time
10. In Your Arms
11. Don't Leave Me
12. LIEBEN (Bonus track)

She Hates Emotions is the latest project from Blutengel front-man Chris Pohl. Musically, it's not a million miles away from his main band. Melancholic Maniac is a fine slab of Gothic Electronica, and what differentiates it the most from Blutengel is that it sounds even more 80's. It's also more stripped down, having just one voice and no guitars. Think Human League, Alphaville, Depeche Mode, Visage etc, and that's pretty much the blueprint for Chris' new record.

Lyrically, there seems to be an ongoing theme of loneliness, loss, and a feeling of being disconnected. It's certainly an emotive and powerful record with plenty for the listener to easily relate to. The songs are also extremely catchy and sit nicely together as an album, making it very listenable as a body of work in its entirety.

My favourite tracks include the singles Edge Of The Night and See The Light, the heart-breaking Leaving, Ghosttown, and Don't Leave Me.

If you already like Blutengel, or you're partial to some dark 80's Pop, I have no doubt that you'll enjoy She Hates Emotions. It's a solid album with plenty of gems throughout, and is definitely worth a listen.


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