Friday 22 January 2021

Album Review: NERVOSA - Perpetual Chaos


01. Venomous
02. Guided By Evil
03. People Of The Abyss
04. Perpetual Chaos
05. Until The Very End
06. Genocidal Command
07. Kings Of Domination
08. Time To Fight
09. Godless Prisoner
10. Blood Eagle
11. Rebel Soul
12. Pursued By Judgement
13. Under Ruins

Brazil's Nervosa shook their fan-base last year when they announced that two of the Death Metal trio had quit (later to form Crypta with ex-Burning Witches guitarist Sonia Anubis), leaving lead guitarist and founder member, Prika Amaral, on her own. Fortunately, she quickly put together a new line-up, including vocalist Diva Satanica, drummer Eleni Nota, and ex-Abbath bassist Mia Wallace. Wasting no time, Prika and her new squad have come back fighting with this brand-new record. 

Fans of the previous incarnation don't need to worry, as Perpetual Chaos sounds like what you'd expect from them, but with a few extra twists. Being the fourth album, I think it was important for them to push their sound a bit further to ensure that the band doesn't become stale, and push it they did! 

This new line-up is absolutely killer. Mia has always been a top Black Metal bassist, Diva has a savage vocal style but keeps the lyrics audible without compromising any ferocity, and Eleni is one of the most amazing Extreme Metal drummers in the world. Prika has hand-picked a winning team for sure.

Perpetual Chaos hits the mark in so many ways. The production is raw and brutal, yet crystal clear. The musicianship and performance is outstanding, and the song-writing is top tier too. The album is a masterclass in Thrash and Death Metal, and there's even a splash of Black Metal in there too! 

It's hard to pick favourites as the album is so solid, but I'd have to choose the opener, Venomous, as this thrasher is a no-holds-barred beast that goes for the throat. Guided By Evil is pure old school magic. I also love Genocidal Command and the Punk-flavoured Time To Fight.

Perpetual Chaos is a huge success and they've come roaring back to the scene with what I'm certain will be one of the best Extreme Metal albums of the year.


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