Thursday 22 September 2016

EP Review: GHOST - Popestar

Ghost - Popestar

1. Square Hammer
2. Nocturnal Me (Echo and the Bunnymen cover)
3. I Believe (Simian Mobile Disco cover)
4. Missionary man (Eurythmics cover)
5. Bible (Imperiet cover)

It's been a year since Ghost's stunning Meliora album, so this EP provides a welcome 'stop-gap' between Meliora and the next studio album (due in 2017).

The EP kicks off with an original song. Square Hammer is a great opener. It's a really catchy track and is Ghost at their most upbeat and commercial. It's easily as strong as anything off the previous studio album, and is a good indicator of what to expect from the next one. Instant classic!

Their cover of Nocturnal Me is faithful to the original version (recently re-popularised by its inclusion in the TV series Stranger Things), keeping the drama and pounding percussion while adding that magic 'Ghost twist' that their covers have been known for.

I Believe is a very clever cover and a great choice. The original is an electronic dance song with a slow with a dark atmosphere. Ghost have capitalised on this with their version, and have made it into a haunting masterpiece.

Their Eurythmics cover is nice and heavy, and the lyrics translate perfectly into the world of Ghost. Another clever choice of song to cover.

Bible is a cover of 80's Swedish rock band Imperiet (The original is called Bibel and the lyrics are in Swedish. Imperiet later recorded an English language version). Ghost's version is fairly similar, but again weave in a controlled heaviness and melancholy atmosphere that enable them to make it their own.

This EP is strong throughout and like the previous EP shows a level of creativity, musical diversity and self awareness that cements their position as one of the best Rock/Metal bands in the world right now.


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