Friday 21 July 2017

EP Review: MCC [MAGNA CARTA CARTEL] - The Demon King

MCC - The Demon King

01. The Demon King
02. Sway
03. Turn
04. Jennifer
05. Mayfire

It's been a few months since guitarist Martin Persner became the first (ex) member of Ghost to reveal his identity to the world. MCC, which stands for Magna Carta Cartel, is the band Martin was in before he, and I believe other members, left to form Ghost. I'm not sure of the full story as it's still clouded in mystery, but regardless, Martin has resurrected MCC with the launch of this new EP.

All five songs are well written and are sonically works of art. The overall sound of the EP reminds me of Pink Floyd, but with the Pop sensibility of an act like ABBA or Fleetwood Mac. It's a very chilled record but a very engaging one nonetheless. Darkness has never sounded so relaxing and under control.

The title track of The Demon King deals with the subject of depression, and the heartfelt emotion running through it makes it a compelling listen. Martin's vocals have an enchanting soothing quality, and this gives a wonderful dimension to the songs. My other favourite is Sway which is pure magic to say the least.

Considering that Martin allegedly only co-wrote a couple of Ghost songs, this EP is very reminiscent of Ghost when they're at their most Prog, but without the heaviness. Hearing The Demon King makes me think that he brought a lot more to the table in that band, than he has been given credit for, if not in writing, certainly in tone and atmosphere.

Whatever happened, Martin is clearly a huge talent and I'm really pleased that he is channelling his creativity into MCC, and is moving forward with his musical career. It deserves to be a very bright one.


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