Monday 25 December 2017


Top 30 Hard Rock/Metal/Goth/Punk/Alternative singles of 2017
It's taken ages, not to mention some ruthless culling, to bring you my top 30 favourite songs of 2017. With so many amazing tracks released this year, compiling this list has been tough, but I think I've pretty much cracked it.

I've imposed certain rules on myself, e.g. each band can only appear once. There are a few great songs that have come out recently, but the album they're taken from isn't out until next year, so those have been omitted and will be classed as 2018 releases. Re-issues have also been excluded.

As with all my lists, this is a personal one, so I don't expect everyone to agree with all of my choices. however, I respect their right to be wrong! Seriously though, it's definitely worth checking out any tracks that you're unfamiliar with, as you may find some gems. I've linked all of my choices to their respective YouTube videos to make your lives easier. Enjoy!


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