Thursday 18 January 2018

Album Review: RAGE CAVE - Ride The Rhino

Rage Cave - Ride The Rhino
01. No Way Out
02. The World (Doesn't Revolve Around You)
03. Devil's Advocate
04. Secular Sabbath
05. Neanderthal 1 Rage Cave
06. Neanderthal 2 Space Haze
07. Neanderthal 3 Kill To Live
08. Ride The Rhino

Rage Cave are a young independent band from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK, comprising of Maxwell Jeffries (Vocals/Guitar), Kieron Shore (Bass) and Zakir Eyrolles (Drums/Backing Vocals). Ride The Rhino is their debut album, and was recorded by Tom Carter at Riff Factory.

I first became aware of them a few months ago, when they were playing a gig I went to. Unfortunately, I missed their set, so I'm pleased to finally hear what they sound like.

To my ears, they have a distinct Classic Rock vibe, and sound a lot like Black Sabbath, but with some early Therapy? thrown in the mix. There are plenty of Sabbath-esque Stoner Rock riffs throughout the record, which are all placed in a more contemporary context, thanks to a healthy dose of Punk energy and aggression coupled with some funky rhythms.

All eight tracks are consistently solid, but I think the three 'Neanderthal' songs are the strongest. 1 Rage Cave is the catchiest and has some excellent playing, veering into epic Prog territories, before climaxing into a high-octane Punk rampage until the end. 2 Space Haze is a psychedelic instrumental, which conjures up images of Mastodon jamming with Hawkwind. 3 Kill To Live opens with some sinister chords, evolving into something that sounds like early 'New Wave Of British Heavy Metal', such as classic Angel Witch or Diamond Head.

All in all, Ride The Rhino is an impressive debut, and definitely worth a listen.

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