Wednesday 28 February 2018

Movie Review: HAPPY DEATH DAY (2017)

Happy Death Day
I have a soft spot for American teen slasher movies. I love the witty and juvenile dialogue, the actors playing teenagers who are blatantly around 30, and most of all, the death scenes that usually involve thoroughly unpleasant, yet relatable characters getting despatched in various savage ways. When my attention was drawn to the trailer, I knew I'd enjoy Happy Death Day.

As you can probably guess from the trailer, Happy Death Day is the perfect marriage of Groundhog Day and Scream. I'll throw in the awesome TV series Scream Queens too, as it shares plenty of its quirky humour.

The story follows mega-bitch and student Theresa 'Tree' Gelbman (played by the fantastic Jessica Rothe- and yes, she's 30!) as she wakes up in a stranger's bed and goes about her day being generally rude, selfish and obnoxious to everyone who comes into contact with her. It's also her birthday. The day ends with her being stabbed to death by an unknown masked killer. She wakes up and she's in the stranger's bed again, and soon realises that she's living through the same day. No matter what she seems to do, she always ends up getting murdered. Eventually, she tries to do some detective work to find out who the killer is, and potentially end the cycle. Along the way, she does plenty of self-reflection, and as time goes on, becomes less of a bitch and starts to put things right in her life.

The similarities with the film Groundhog Day are so undeniable that the movie is discussed by the characters at the end of the film, which I thought was a nice touch. However, despite Happy Death Day feeling so familiar, it still feels fresh to watch and is a brilliant movie in it's own right, mainly due to the tight script and superb performances from its actors. It's much more of a Black Comedy than a Horror, and has plenty of hilarious teen drama to give it a wide appeal. It's fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. It also has a nice twist at the end too!

Happy Death Day is exactly the movie that the trailer promises, so if this genre appeals to you, get the popcorn and prepare for a movie night that won't disappoint.


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