Saturday 14 April 2018

Album Review: LIGHT THE TORCH - Revival

Light The Torch - Revival

01. Die Alone
02. The God I Deserve
03. Calm Before The Storm
04. Raise The Dead
05. The Safety Of Disbelief
06. Virus
07. The Great Divide
08. The Bitter End
09. Lost In The Fire
10. The Sound Of Violence
11. Pull My Heart Out
12. Judas Convention

Light The Torch used to be the band Devil You Know, but after two records had to change their name due to a legal dispute with their former drummer. So, whether you see this as their third album or their debut is a matter of perspective. If you're completely unfamiliar with the band, the lead singer is Howard Jones who used to front Killswitch Engage and sang some of their most popular songs including The End Of Heartache, Rose Of Sharyn and My Curse. Guitarist Francesco Artusato is also known for his work with All Shall Perish.

I did enjoy the first two Devil You Know albums, but I felt that they were lacking a little something. I feel that the change of name to Light The Torch has allowed the band to have a subtle change of direction and one for the better. Revival is packed full of huge melodic anthems and is easily better than the previous two records.

Howard is easily one of the best vocalists in Metal, especially when he's actually singing. His voice is absolutely captivating to listen to, and the emotion he exudes and warm tones he creates are nothing short of phenomenal. His screams are cool too, but on this record, they're used sparingly, giving him room to show off his talents, and provide some of the best performances of his career.

There are some fantastic songs on here, including the driving Calm Before The Storm, the wonderfully dynamic Raise The Dead and the reassuringly heavy The Sound Of Violence. In fact, every song on here is solid, and there isn't a filler in sight. As with all great albums, it's enjoyable from start to finish, and I'm positive that any listener's favourites will change with each rotation, as there's a depth to each song that continually provides something new for the ears to pick up on.

The huge uplifting choruses are the strength of Revival, which elevate the music way above the majority of Metalcore bands out there. Light The Torch have the riffs and most importantly the songs needed to make them major players on the worldwide Metal scene. I used to think Howard's finest days were behind him when he parted ways with Killswitch Engage, but this album proves otherwise. It's a magnificent slab of modern Metal, and a most welcome one.


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