Friday 29 March 2019

Album Review: BACKYARD BABIES - Silver & Gold

Backyard Babies - Silver & Gold

01. Good Morning Midnight
02. Simple Being Sold
03. Shovin‘ Rocks
04. Ragged Flag
05. Yes To All No
06. Bad Seeds
07. 44 Undead
08. Sliver And Gold
09. A Day Late In My Dollar Shorts
10. Laugh Now Cry Later

I got into Backyard Babies when I was a teenager. Their classic Total 13 had just come out and I was blown away by their blend of Sleaze, Glam, Punk and straight-up Rock n' Roll. They were unbelievably fucking cool and seemed incapable of writing a boring song if they tried. Their first three studio albums are bona fide classics and there isn't a filler to be found on any of them. Their subsequent albums, with the exception of their near-flawless self-titled record, are all great by any other band's standards, but don't quite meet the ludicrously high bar they set for themselves early on.

This new one falls into that category. It's really good, but they've done better. Musically, they haven't strayed from their path and anyone who's already a fan would have no reason to dislike Silver & Gold whatsoever. It's certainly a stronger album than their last one.

Out of all these tracks, the stand-out is 44 Undead which is classic Backyard Babies and sits nicely alongside their best. Yes To All No and A Day Late In My Dollar Shorts are also top class cuts.

Silver & Gold is a solid release and while most bands that've been around as long as them are way past their sell-by date, Backyard Babies continue to give us some real gems. They're still one of my favourite bands and I'm genuinely pleased that they continue to be relevant and have a lot to offer.


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