Thursday 20 February 2020

Album Review: GREEN DAY - Father Of All Motherfuckers

Green Day - Father Of All Motherfuckers

01. Father Of All...
02. Fire, Ready, Aim
03. Oh Yeah!
04. Meet Me On The Roof
05. I Was A Teenage Teenager
06. Stab You In The Heart
07. Sugar Youth
08. Junkies On A High
09. Take The Money And Crawl
10. Graffitia

Father Of All Motherfuckers is an interesting album. Green Day have been around for what feels like forever, so keeping the creative juices flowing and the big stadium hits coming after all these years can't be easy. This time, they've thrown the world a curveball by releasing a record that doesn't sound that much like Green Day at all.

The album opens with the infectious title track, and you could be forgiven for thinking that you were listening to the White Stripes instead. I think that's my most burning issue with not just this song, but all of them. Despite being a departure from their signature sound, they've made a collection of songs that sound very familiar. Sometimes there's a different artist that springs to mind, other times, such as with the classic Rock n' Roll of Stab You In The Heart, it's so generic that you could write a list of places you've heard it before.

I Was A Teenage Teenager is the most 'Green Day' sounding song on here, which to my ears sounds like Weezer with a flick-knife.

Over all, Father Of All Motherfuckers is an enjoyable album and a welcome break from the norm, so props to the band for not trying to regurgitate former glories and for doing something different. However, I'd be lying if I told you that this album even came close quality-wise to classics like Dookie or American Idiot. Where they go from here though is anyone's guess.


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