Monday 20 April 2020

Album Review: BONFIRE - Fistful Of Fire

Bonfire - Fistful Of Fire

01. The Joker
02. Gotta Get Away
03. The Devil Made Me Do it
04. Ride The Blade
05. When An Old Man Cries
06. Rock 'N' Roll Survivors
07. Fire And Ice
08. Warrior
09. Fire Etude
10. Breaking Out
11. A Fistful Of Fire
12. The Surge
13. Gloryland
14. When An Old Man Cries (Acoustic version)

It's not much of a secret that I fucking love 80's Heavy Metal. Bonfire are one of those bands that still think it's 1988 and I love them for it. Fistful Of Fire is their 17th studio album, and it rocks as hard as that ridiculous album cover would have you believe.

The production is huge, powerful and crystal clear. As expected, the musicianship is absolutely top notch too. Their last record, the double-album of covers 'Legends' (read my review here), was sonically very impressive and Fistful Of Fire is a continuation of that standard.

Coming across as the love-child of Hammerfall and classic Bon Jovi, Fistful Of Fire is packed with huge melodic choruses, chunky riffs and shredding solos.

What is most impressive is how good it all is. This new album stands up to their classic era material, and may even be their best one so far. I think time will tell, as new records from bands with large back catalogues need time to be fully appreciated, like a fine wine.

My personal favourites are Ride The Blade, Warrior, and Gotta Get Away. Future classics, one and all!

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