Wednesday 4 November 2020

Album Review: IN HEARTS WAKE - Kaliyuga


01. Crisis
02. Worldwide Suicide
03. Hellbringer
04. Moving On
05. Timebomb
06. Son of a Witch
07. Crossroads
08. Husk
09. Nāgá
10. Force of Life
11. Iron Dice
12. Dystopia
13. 2033

I only discovered Australia's In Hearts Wake a few months ago when I stumbled across their song Son Of A Witch on YouTube. I love it when I hear a song by a band I've never heard of before and it blows me away to the point where I have to pick up the album. 

Son Of A Witch is a skull-crushing slab of melodic Metalcore with dual vocals making it sound like a cross between Parkway Drive and early Linkin Park. It's an absolutely brilliant track, worthy of any A-leaguer. I can imagine this being performed at a festival with thousands of people shouting along "I'm the son of a witch you failed to burn". Badass.

In Hearts Wake have been labelled 'Metalcore' due to today's musical climate, but there's more to them than that. There's a lot of Nu Metal here, as well as a splash of Djent running throughout the album. It's all very varied, interesting and generally well put together.

I also love the environmental messages in the lyrics, topics that should be at the forefront of our minds right now. It's always nice to hear heavy bands with some intelligent lyrics instead of the usual 'dumb-as-rocks' macho bullshit or teen-angst.

Other stand-outs on this beast of an album include Hellbringer, which is packed with enough energy to replace fossil fuels by itself, the melodic Crossroads, which features some amazing guest vocals from Georgia Flood, and the bouncey-yet-savage Timebomb.

Kaliyuga is a really strong album and should easily take the band to the next level.



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