Monday 2 November 2020

Album Review: BIFFY CLYRO - A Celebration Of Endings



01. North Of No South
02. The Champ
03. Weird Leisure
04. Tiny Indoor Fireworks
05. Worst Type of Best Possible
06. Space
07. End Of
08. Instant History
09. The Pink Limit
10. Opaque
11. Cop Syrup 


I love Biffy Clyro. They're a genuinly unique Rock band that churn out more hit singles from each of their albums than most artists produce in their entire careers. I remember seeing them live when they were a small band, and watching them grow into festival headliners. It's always nice as a fan to go on a journey with a band and see them flourish.

A Celebration Of Endings is packed full of amazing tracks. It's diverse, fresh and exciting, but still manages to sound like Biffy Clyro, which is a feat in itself. 

As expected, the album is full of interesting timings, twists and turns, and general weirdness. It's all magically glued together by Simon Neil's catchy melodic vocal lines which feel uplifting even when the subject matter is quite dark.

I particularly love Instant History (when that chorus drops...boom!), The Champ, Opaque, and the anthemic End Of. Oh, and let's not forget the ecclectic, mad-as-fuck Cop Syrup.

My overall favourite track has to be the ballad, Space. It's a gorgeous song with real depth and captivating melodies. Having said that, my favourite song seems to change on a fairly regular basis!

A Celebration Of Endings is yet another fantastic album from Biffy Clyro. The creativity in this band seems to be never-ending and the future classics keep coming. I can't wait to hear some of these new tracks in a live setting in the future.


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