Thursday 25 May 2017

Album Review: FLOVER - Dark & Sweet

FloveR - Dark & Sweet

01. Cruel Romance
02. R.V.P.II (Kiss Your Lips)
03. Lovekiller
04. Crystal Love
05. Serpent Poison
06. Violet Roses
07. She's Alone
08. Charms Of The Reaper
09. Ways To Your Heart
10. Your Love Is Gone

FloveR is an unsigned band with members from Russia and Italy. According to their website, the band members have never actually met in person which is a little strange to me, but then again, if you live somewhere as remote as Tyumen in Siberia, finding likeminded musicians locally must be almost impossible. So credit to them, they've found each other on the internet and have made an album together.

The members of FloveR make no secret of the fact that they're all massive HIM fans, and their songs sound so much like HIM, they could be mistaken for a tribute band. Even lead singer Fabio Phobos Storm is doing a great job at singing as closely to the style of Ville Valo as is humanly possible. This is nothing short of total hero worship.

Having said that, they're actually pretty good. Their songs are well constructed and they have some catchy singles including Violet Roses and Charms of the Reaper. They're definitely a talented bunch, and if they develop their own sound and identity a little more, I could see them being picked up by a label and becoming major players on the Gothic Rock scene.

Their album is available to stream and buy on their Bandcamp page, so give it a listen.


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