Monday 13 August 2018

Album Review: SEVENDUST - All I See Is War

Sevendust - All I See Is War

01. Dirty
02. God Bites His Tongue
03. Medicated
04. Unforgiven
05. Sickness
06. Cheers
07. Risen
08. Moments
09. Not Original
10. Descend
11. Life Deceives You
12. The Truth

Sevendust is a great band and has an impressive back-catalogue featuring some of the finest modern Metal tracks ever recorded. If you need evidence, just check out classics like Burn, Enemy, Angel's Son, Praise, Black, and Face To Face.

There's absolutely no question that Lajon Witherspoon has one of the smoothest, melodic and listenable voices in Metal. His voice is an absolute gift and the guy can sing anything and make it sound amazing. In contrast, drummer Morgan Rose has a rather grating voice, and his 'harsh' sounding vocals are just about tolerable on some of the best Sevendust songs. I used to wish that he'd shut the fuck up and let the other band members handle the backing vocals. Fortunately, I seem to have got my wish as on the last few LPs there are definitely other voices that are prominent.

Musically, Sevendust haven't changed much. They've matured from the Nu Metal sound into something a little more 'Heavy Rock' without compromising their identity, and maintaining a contemporary approach to the music.

All I See Is War is their twelfth studio album, and once again they're not straying from the musical path they've carved for themselves over the years. They're still easily identifiable as Sevendust, and there really aren't any surprises on here. Having said that, it's a solid album and every track is well crafted, intelligent, and produced to perfection. My only real criticism is that there aren't any big commercial singles on here. There's nothing that's instantly catchy that makes my ears prick up and make me think "That's a killer single". The closest you get is Dirty. All I See Is War is an album full of 'growers' and subtleties that reward the listener over repeated listens. There's no instant Pop fix on offer, but this album is far from a disappointment. It just takes a little time to get into it.


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