Sunday 18 July 2021

Album Review: SKARLETT RIOT - Invicta


01. Breaking the Habit
02. Gravity
03. Black Cloud
04. Underwater
05. Stronger
06. Cut the Ties
07. Into Pieces
08. Not Alone
09. To the Flames
10. Falling
11. Human

After their excellent second album, Regenerate (read my review here), I've been wondering if Skarlett Riot were going to better it with album number three. The quick answer is yes.

With Invicta, the band continue to evolve further from their Hard Rock roots to a more Metal sound. There are growls this time juxtaposed with the melodic vocals, and coupled with the riffage, give it a distinctive commercial Metal-core vibe. They have an 'Against The Current-meets-Killswitch Engage' thing going on, well, to my ears anyway. It works for them and certainly makes the band sound more contemporary.

The real strength of this band is their ability to deliver a massive, powerful, memorable chorus. My favourites on here are Cut The Ties, Gravity, and Underwater, but in fairness, the whole album is solid.

Skarlett Riot have put out another excellent album. The song writing, production, and performance are all on-point. I have no doubt that they will significantly increase their ever growing fan-base off the back of this one.


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