Tuesday 20 July 2021

Album Review: CRYPTA - Echoes Of The Soul


01. Awakening
02. Starvation
03. Possessed
04. Death Arcana
05. Shadow Within
06. Under The Black Wings
07. Kali
08. Blood Stained Heritage
09. Dark Night Of The Soul
10. From The Ashes

Crypta is a Death Metal band featuring ex-Nervosa members, Fernanda Lira (vocals/Bass) and Luana Demetto (Drums). They're joined by amazing guitarists Tain√° Bergamaschi and ex-Burning Witches legend Sonia Anubis

The Metal community was shocked when Fernanda and Luana quit Nervosa, as they were a really popular act, and also a trio. Since then, Nervosa's remaining member, guitarist Prika Amaral put a new line-up together and released a killer old-school Death Metal album earlier this year (read my review here). Everyone was equally shocked when the super-popular Sonia Anubis quit Burning Witches shortly after the release of their third album, Dance With The Devil (click for review), about a year ago. Incidentally, Burning Witches recently released a new album, The Witch Of The North (read my review here). After all the turmoil of the last year or so, all parties seem settled with their new line-ups and excellent records, leaving Crypta as the last act to throw their cards on the table. If anything, all of this drama has scored a lot of press and interest in all of these bands, so ultimately everyone has emerged a winner. 

Echoes of the Soul is soaked in that old-school Death Metal sound, but has a much slicker production. In all honesty, this record sounds amazing. Every instrument is crystal clear and cuts in the right places, but retains an amount of filth that one would expect from the genre.

The musicianship is awesome. Crypta can go head-to-head with any Death Metal band on the planet with this A-team line-up. The guitar work often provides some nice melodies woven in with the brutality, which gives these songs additional character and memorable hooks. 

I also like how they use vile and ghoulish subject matter associated with the genre to shine a light on real-life social issues such as on Starvation. Death Metal has often been a scene associated with stupid, violent, edge-lord lyrics, so it's nice when a band as good as Crypta drops a killer album that, under the surface, has some intelligent social commentary, should you wish to look for it. 

This is an excellent Death Metal album from start to finish, with no lapse in quality. Literally, everything about it kicks ass. If you're not into this genre, I doubt Crypta will win you over, but if you love well crafted, straight-up Death Metal, this is an album you must check out.


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