Tuesday 10 March 2020

Album Review: BURNING WITCHES - Dance With The Devil

Burning Witches - Dance With The Devil

01. The Incantation
02. Lucid Nightmare
03. Dance With The Devil
04. Wings Of Steel
05. Six Feet Underground
06. Black Magic
07. Sea Of Lies
08. The Sisters Of Fate
09. Necronomicon
10. The Final Fight
11. Threefold Return
12. Battle Hymn (feat. Ross The Boss and Michael Lepond) [Manowar cover]

Not long after their second album Hexenhammer (read my review here), Burning Witches lead singer Seraina Telli announced her departure from the band, and has been since concentrating on her more Prog-based band Dead Venus. I'll be honest, I was gutted at the time. I'd just gotten into the band and had also picked up their excellent debut (go have a listen to the song Black Widow and it will rip your head off with its Metal awesomeness), so losing the lead singer potentially meant a significant change to their sound.

Fortunately, Burning Witches announced Laura Guldemond from Shadowrise as their new singer, and wasted no time in getting back to the studio. As soon as I heard the song Wings Of Steel on YouTube last June, I knew the future of Burning Witches was in safe hands, and I've been really looking forward to this new record since then.

Just from looking at that album cover, you know what you're going to get before you've even hit the play button. Heavy Metal! And lots of it.

Choosing favourites is no easy task on a record like this. I love The Sisters Of Fate, which has some badass Accept style riffing. I think it would make a great single. The song Dance With The Devil is the most instantly catchy number on here, and has just the right amount of 80's Heavy Metal silliness in the lyrics to make it great fun and teem with character, without detracting from the top-notch musicianship. Necronomicon is a mid-paced heavy beast that really hits the spot too. In addition to their own songs, their cover version of Manowar's Battle Hymn is absolutely superb, and a finishes the album off perfectly.

Dance With The Devil is absolutely killer. It's Burning Witches' strongest album so far, and is simply packed from start to finish with great songs. I have no doubt that existing fans will be delighted. Anyone else out there who, like myself, loves bands like Judas Priest, Dio etc, needs to check this band out ASAP.


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