Monday 22 October 2018

Album Review: LEADER OF DOWN - Cascade Into Chaos

Leader of Down - Cascade Into Chaos
01. Paradise Turned Into Dust (Lemmy on vocals, Tim Atkinson on additional bass)
02. Cascade Into Chaos
03. People Say I'm Crazy
04. Serial Killjoy (Bruce Foxton on additional bass with Tim Atkinson)
05. Children Of Disease (Whitfield Crane on vocals, Lee Richards and Whitfield Crane on backing vocals, Phil Campbell on second guitar solo)
06. Snakebite ("Fast" Eddie Clarke on all guitars and vocals)
07. Punch And Geordie
08. Feel Good (Cliff Evans on first guitar solo)
09. The Killing Rain (the last song W├╝rzel ever recorded)
10. Laugh At The Devil (Lemmy on vocals and all guitars by "Fast" Eddie Clarke)

Leader Of Down is a project that was started by ex-Motorhead guitarist Wurzel and bassist Tim Atkinson. I only heard about this project recently via a Metal news site. Tim brought in some friends to finish the record off, and it's now finally seeing the light of day.

Wurzel died back in 2011, so it seems strange that this record is coming out now. Stranger still is that Tim has put together a touring band version of Leader Of Down, and they're soon to hit the road supporting Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons (whose debut album I reviewed earlier this year- click here to read it). As unusual a set-up as this is, it's been a pleasure to hear some of Wurzel's work, and in particular to hear some new music with him and Lemmy playing together again.

Paradise Turned Into Dust is an excellent choice of opener for this album as it sets the tone for what's to come nicely with its filthy, straight ahead Rock n' Roll approach. Ironically, it reminds me a little of the material from Motorhead's awesome Overnight Sensation album, which was their first record after Wurzel's departure from the band.

There are some cracking tracks on here including the catchy rocker Serial Killjoy, and Children of Disease which has some fantastic vocals from Ugly Kid Joe's Whitfield Crane.

My personal favourite track on offer here is the last one, Laugh At The Devil. It's my guess that Lemmy recorded his vocals a while back, as he sounds a lot more youthful on this song than on the opening track. Lemmy's unique and greatly missed voice, coupled with Fast Eddie Clarke's guitars make this a high-octane slice of brilliance, and ends this album on a high. A sad high, because they're gone and this is probably going to be the last time we hear previously unreleased material from this legendary duo that's of this calibre. It's certainly a wonderful gift for the ardent Motorhead fan.

Cascade Into Chaos sounds more like a scrap-book of unused ideas that have been resurrected like Frankenstein's monster, than a regular record. However, it was a very enjoyable and most welcome listen to say the least.


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