Monday 22 July 2019

Album Review: BEASTO BLANCO - We Are

Beasto Blanco - We Are

01. The Seeker
02. Solitary Rave
03. Ready To Go
04. Down
05. Perception Of Me
06. Let's Rip
07. Half Life
08. We Got This
09. Follow The Bleed
10. I See You In It
11. Halcyon (Bonus Track)

Every now and then I discover a band and think "How the Hell did I not hear about these before?". That's certainly the case with Beasto Blanco.

The reason is that Beasto Blanco features Alice Cooper's long-serving bassist Chuck Garric on vocals and guitar, as well as Alice's daughter Calico who shares vocal duties. I'm normally on the ball with all things Alice Cooper related, but this band slipped through the net. I guess I have some catching up to do.

We Are opens with my favourite track on the album, The Seeker. It has the flavour of early 90's Alice Cooper mixed with the heaviosity and swagger of Rob Zombie, but without the Industrial overtones. Chuck's voice does sound quite similar to Rob Zombie's, which is further compounded by the over-use of the word "Yeah!" (Zombie fans will know what I mean).

Although nothing else on the record stands up to the blazing opening track, We Are still has plenty of very good moments making it a solid album in its entirety. Highlights include the upbeat Let's Rip, the Motorhead-esque We Got This, and the Calico-lead Solitary Rave, which has a dash of 70's Glam-stop thrown into the mix of contemporary Rock craziness.

We Are won't change the world, but it has enough kick-ass Rock n' Roll to entertain for a while. They're certainly a band to keep an eye on in the future, as I have no doubt that their best is yet to come.


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