Tuesday 18 August 2020

Album Review: BUSH - The Kingdom

Bush - The Kingdom

01. Flowers On A Grave
02. The Kingdom
03. Bullet Holes
04. Ghosts In The Machine
05. Blood River
06. Quicksand
07. Send In The Clowns
08. Undone
09. Our Time Will Come
10. Crossroads
11. Words Are Not Impediments
12. Falling Away

After the massive disappointment that was 2017's Black And White Rainbows album (read my review here), I wasn't going to bother with The Kingdom. However, curiosity got the better of me and I checked out the single Flowers On A Grave on YouTube, and I thought it was fantastic. Given how many truly awesome songs Gavin Rossdale and crew have put out over the years, I felt a bit silly about not being fussed about The Kingdom. Most great bands have one or two disappointing albums in their repertoire, so it was clearly unfair of me to write Bush off just because of that floater of a previous record.

The aforementioned Flowers On A Grave kicks the album off with energy and some welcome heaviness. It sounds like classic Bush with a subtle twist of Nu Metal. I don't think that's a bad thing at all, as the song works so well and somehow manages to sound fresh and exciting too. How the Hell did that happen?

Bush are back on fire. It's as though they've had a good think about why people loved them the first-time round, and have used that as a blueprint, then gave their opus some contemporary gloss. 

The Kingdom is a solid album, but for me, the stand-outs have to be Flowers On A Grave, Bullet Holes, which was used on the soundtrack to John Wick 3, and the catchy Stoner-Fuzz soaked Crossroads

Bush have not shied away from heaviness with this record. There are some serious riffs here and plenty of filthy distortion too. Most importantly, the songs are 'on point'. This is the album I wanted from Bush and they deserve to win a whole new generation of fans with this one.


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