Thursday 27 August 2020

Movie Review: UNCLE PECKERHEAD (2020)


Now this is fun! I only found out that this film existed yesterday, and had to watch it ASAP.  Uncle Peckerhead is about a Punk band called Duh who need to go on tour but no longer have a van. They encounter a man called Peckerhead who offers to drive them around in his van and roadie for them. There is one snag. At midnight he transforms into a blood-thirsty flesh-eating monster.

There's a lot of humour in Uncle Peckerhead that musicians will relate to, for example dickhead promoters, and artists who think they're geniuses and better than everyone else, but are actually a bit crap. Naturally, these fuckers all get what's coming to them!

What I think really makes this movie is the chemistry between the three band members, and plenty of witty dialogue. It's all fairly light-hearted, and delivers plenty of gore throughout. It's well paced and doesn't drag at all, regularly bringing in new characters and fresh situations that they get themselves into. The acting is excellent and the effects are impressive too, making this B-Movie even more enjoyable, and the likelihood of it becoming a cult classic very high indeed.

When all's said and done, I loved Uncle Peckerhead. The fact that there are people out there making movies like this gives me a warm glow and restores my faith in humanity.


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