Friday 23 October 2020

Album Review: AMARANTHE - Manifest


01. Fearless
02. Make It Better
03. Scream My Name
04. Viral
05. Adrenaline
06. Strong (Feat. Noora Louhimo)
07. The Game
08. Crystalline (Feat. Perttu Kivilaakso and Elias Holmlid)
09. Archangel
10. Boom! (Feat. Heidi Shepherd)
11. Die And Wake Up
12. Do Or Die (Feat. Jeff Loomis)

Amaranthe's new album, Manifest, was one of the albums due out in 2020 that I was most excited about. I absolutely love this band, as their music is the perfect fusion of Pop and contemporary Metal, and they churn out unquestionably catchy tunes that a guaranteed to lift your spirits and refuse to leave your head for some time.

Their last album, Helix (read my review here), kept the standards high, and left me wondering how long Amaranthe can keep on sounding so fresh and exciting? Most bands have one or two key albums in their career, and a bunch of others that are just 'pretty good', but every Amaranthe release is both superb and essential.

Unsurprisingly, Manifest is another banger of an album. There are no dramatic stylistic changes from its predecessors, and it effortlessly ticks every box that a fan would want and expect. It's not up to the crazy-high standard of Maximalism or The Nexus but it's not far off.

The hooks are plentiful, with glorious melodies and humungous riffs delivering the goods throughout the album. My favourites would have to be Make It Better, Viral, Adrenaline, Archangel, Do Or Die, and the bizarre Djent-tastic Death-Rap of Boom!, which features a guest appearance from Heidi from Butcher Babies.

Whatever your opinions were of Amaranthe, they're unlikely to be changed by Manifest. They have their 'thing' down to a fine art, and seem to know exactly what they're doing. I wouldn't be surprised to see them rise to the level of festival headliner in the near future. If that happens, it would be fully deserved.


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