Thursday 22 October 2020

Album Review: PVRIS - Use Me

01. Gimme a Minute
02. Dead Weight
03. Stay Gold
04. Good to Be Alive
05. Death of Me
06. Hallucinations
07. Old Wounds
08. Loveless
09. January Rain
10. Use Me
11. Wish You Well

PVRIS' Use Me album was set to be a highlight of 2020, since the standard was set by last year's stunning Hallucinations EP. Three of the five songs from that EP have been included on this full-length album, the incredible Death Of Me, which was my second favourite song of 2019 (see the full list here), Hallucinations, and Old Wounds.
Having had its release delayed by the Coronavirus outbreak, Use Me has proven to be well worth the wait. This band are masters of what I call Dark Pop, even though quite a lot of this new record isn't that dark at all. Musically, they cross multiple genres and have a massive mainstream appeal. Every song is catchy, emotive, and creative. From the stomping opening track Gimme A Minute to the life-affirming closer, Wish You Well. There's a depth to PVRIS' music that really resonates with me, and I find myself listening to them quite a lot these days.

Aside from the previously mentioned songs, I absolutely love the haunting title track and the ethereal yet raucous Dead Weight. Both have had music videos made for them, and it's obvious why. 

Use Me is easily as strong as their previous records, and it's one of those well crafted, infectious albums that there is no escape from.


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