Wednesday 21 October 2020

Album Review: NIGHT CLUB - Die Die Lullaby


01. Go To Sleep
02. Die In The Disco
03. Sad Boy
04. My Valentine
05. Miss Negativity
06. Gossip
07. Misery Go Round
08. The Creepshow
09. California Killed Me
10. Civil War

I only discovered Night Club a few weeks ago after I followed a recommendation in the side-bar on YouTube. I was totally blown away by them, and was left wondering how I'd never heard of them before. Die Die Lullaby only came out very recently, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a review and write a little about them. 

Night Club is an Elecronica band consisting of Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks. Their music is very Pop but has a darkness and caustic sense of humour that no doubt appeals to the Goth and Alternative crowd as well as a more mainstream audience. It's Emily's silky-smooth vocals that wrap their way into your ears, whilst perfectly weaved into the hypnotic beats and melodic synth parts. 

If you're a fan of artists like Poppy and The Birthday Massacre, I have no doubt that you'll love Night Club. In all honesty, there hasn't been a day that I haven't listened to them since I first heard them. They're like crack!

The new album is short and sweet, clocking in at 31 minutes. The songs are all so accessible and snappy, that the album is easily consumed in one sitting, and even then, it leaves you with the temptation of playing the whole thing again. 

After the intro Go To Sleep, opening track Die In The Disco crashes in with a cheeky flavour of Donna Summer's I Feel Love assimilated into what's otherwise classic Night Club. It's an irresistible dance-floor filling monster. 

My other favourites include the heavier-than-usual My Valentine, the amazing singles Gossip and Miss Negativity (I've watched these so many times on YouTube already!), and the sassy California Killed Me.

Die Die Lullaby is another wonderful addition to a flawless back catalogue, and makes me really want to see them live at some point.


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